No Monday blues, but holiday mood already.

Yes, I’m happy that there isn’t any feeling of Monday blues today. Why? Huh…every Malaysians would also be feeling quite enjoyable or relaxed this week, as the Muslims would be celebrating Hari Raya and all of us would have break on Thursday onwards till the end of the weekend. Awesome! And what’s more joyful for me is that I’m going to have my leave on Wednesday onwards due to my family trip to Cambodia.

So, for this week, I would only need to work for two days. That would be quick, and moreover, Monday (today) is over. But I can tell you honestly, that for this week, it’s all holiday mood in my mind. And sorry, I couldn’t concentrate 100% on my work, but still at least, I had my task done. That’s good enough. For all my Malay colleagues, they are all overwhelmed with festive Raya mood too. Today, I go out slightly early as usual to give me more time to drive to work due to usual much congested traffic on every Monday. In the end, I reached my office way too early today. No traffic crawl.

Hmm…I guessed many kids are absent for school already despite the school holiday to begin only by this Wednesday. Some adults would also have taken their leave earlier to extend their holiday break to a week or more. That’s the reason there aren’t many cars today in the morning that I should have taken notice so that I can sleep a bit longer. Haha…Tomorrow, after working a while in the morning, I would have to attend a meeting in the afternoon. So, tomorrow would be a quick day to get my work done before the long Raya break.

Yes, I’m flying to Cambodia on Wednesday’s early morning. I mean very early in the morning, when the sun is still out of sight. Hence, I have to pack by tonight already for my luggage for the trip of 5 days 4 nights. Not much to bring compared to previous longer oversea trip where it would be usually in winter and we have to bring a lot of heavy massive winter clothings. Now, Cambodia is as hot as here. So, wear less is the priority. A short week of work, and an approaching holiday which would be seen over in a split second. By a blink of an eye, I would have been back to KL from the trip by Sunday.


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