Shanghai Tower topped out!

This is just amazing! I already expected that this building; Shanghai Tower is going to rise fast, but not to such awesome speed! The construction of the tower began in end 2008, and on this day, the tower’s construction achieved a milestone by having the structure of the tower topped out. Shanghai Tower, designed by Gensler is a supertall skyscraper of 632 metres high with 121 stories. It would be located next to the other two Shanghai’s supertall, Shanghai World Financial Center (492 metres) and Jin Mao Tower (421 metres), and also accompanied with nearby icon, Oriental Pearl Tower (468 metres).


Today, the final beam of the tower is placed at a height of approximately 580 metres above ground. That impressive height is already way beyond the highest point of Taipei 101, the tallest completed building in Asia currently (not including Middle East). Well, that is just the structure. What’s left would be the finishing glass cladding to the top of the tower to bring its full height to 632 metres and this is expected to be observed by end of this year. And yes, this tower doesn’t requires any spire or pinnacle to add up to its already-impressive height. Wonderful. Wow, my first two words to describe the tower still under-construction now right after I looked at the image below is ‘massive’ and ‘wow’.


Now, this is fast speed construction. When completed, the tower would be the world’s second tallest building (only behind Burj Khalifa at 828 metres). It will also be the tallest structure of any kind in China (surpassing Canton Tower in Guangzhou at 600 metres), and tallest building in Asia. However, I believe the building will not hold those records very long due to impressive demands for supertall buildings particularly in China. Hence, in few years time, it will be overtaken by some other skyscrapers as expected. But it will still stands proud, tall and amazing over the city of Shanghai. Impressive smooth twisting design with double-glass layer concept.


Wow. What a fantastic aerial view of Shanghai shown above. You can definitely spot the Shanghai Tower. (click on the image for large version) What’s left for the tower now would be the interior design, testing and running of services, exterior cladding and finishes. It will be opened to public next year. I’m looking forward to visit Shanghai soon so that I can have the opportunity to go up to the tower’s observatory and enjoy the breathtaking view of Shanghai skyline.

(Images in this post are from skyscraperpage forum website discussing on this particular building.)


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