August already. There’s a holiday and there’s a trip.

Goodbye July 2013. The past month had been quite great and awesome for me. Usually, I didn’t have much outings and I am those who prefer to stay indoors. But this is not the case for the previous month. I went out with friends for like three times and I spent quite a lot of money, from buying stuff, watching movie, having meals in ‘good-class’ restaurants, to even paying expensive parking fees. Luckily, there is still this ‘raya’ bonus recently given to save my pocket money.

I think August 2013 is going to be a quick month. Why? Whenever there is a major holiday that takes at least several days in a row, people will eventually have the impression that the days of the month pass very fast. Hari Raya Aidilfitri, a major Muslim festival which keeps on arriving earlier every year falls on 8th and 9th August this year. It’s holiday on Thursday and Friday, which makes the break extends to the coming weekend of Saturday and Sunday. And my company imposed a compulsory leave on Wednesday (7th August). That means, five days straight of break.

That’s right enough for my trip to Cambodia during that break. Cool. You see, before the Hari Raya, everyone would gets lazy and simply attached to holiday mood already. That’s only few days left from now to Raya celebration. After the holiday, it’s almost middle of the month. That’s why I said this month would goes off ‘quicker’ than usual. And it will ends with National Day celebration on 31st August. But too bad, it falls on Saturday. This is going to be the patriotic month as usual in conjunction with the Independence Day celebration mentioned earlier. But I don’t bother that much.

For the blog header of the month, I was thinking of putting something up there above my site here to persuade or generally invite people (internet users) to try following blogs (my blog of course…haha) other than just reading books. Books are good but I believe reading blogs is a more ‘lively’ ‘up-to-date’ option in the current high-tech society. We can share things, get informed, and get connected in this globalized world through blogging besides than Facebook or any other social networking sites. Stay away from books, Facebook, or whatever for a while, and try different exposure; BLOG.

August 2013 blog header

Another copy of the blog header shown above. The image for the header is taken from (original source) and is slightly edited to my preference. I will also take that message to tell me to try different things in life to further enjoy it through various perspectives that will certainly broaden my vision of looking things in life ahead. I’m looking forward to great month of August 2013! Hope it’s the same for you too!


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