A week left to Raya and my trip to Cambodia

Another month is coming to an end. Next week, it’s going to be the festive Hari Raya celebration in early August. Raya is coming earlier and earlier every year. It’s nothing related to me but my family is taking that opportunity of quite a long break to go for an oversea trip. I will follow. Where are we heading to? Cambodia. A nearby South East Asian country famous for the Angkor Wat complex which is depicted on its national flag too. The country also has several other interesting places to visit particularly temples. Next week, I promised I’m going to take a lot of awesome pictures of Angkor Wat like the one shown below:


(The famous Angkor Wat. Image source: http://threeland.com/images/core/Angkor-Wat-Cambodia.jpg)

If you have been a follower of my blog, you would have known that I have been to that country before, for once several years ago  with my whole class in degree course. It’s a huge group together with the lecturers, and it was a fun and enjoyable trip despite accompanied with assignments to do over there. Now, by next week, I would step my foot again to the country, but this time, as a full-time tourist. This would be a short getaway from hustle and bustle working in KL everyday. Life needs a break. That applies to everyone including you too.

Hence, I would be away from Malaysia in five days from the coming Wednesday (7th August) till Sunday (11th August). Not a very long trip, but sufficient enough to enjoy all the famous tourist attractions or places in two cities, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Early next week, I should be starting to pack for my luggage. And by now, I already started thinking on what to buy as souvenirs for my colleagues and friends. Always a hard question whenever I’m going for a trip. Keychains? Too ordinary. Magnets? Only suitable for own use at home, doesn’t work well as gift. Cambodia is famous for those religious carvings, but that doesn’t seems appropriate too. What to buy aah? Will sort it out later during the trip. I promised I won’t be back empty-handed.

Why Cambodia, especially for me who had been there before. My dad expressed interest earlier to visit the country when he still could walk well. Ageing is inevitable, and honestly, a trip to Cambodia is not suitable for elderly as we have to walk or climb a lot of stairs at those famous temples in the Angkor Thom area where the Angkor Wat is only one of the main structures in the area. So, it’s time for him to visit the place when he still has the energy. Furthermore, I could also guide him on our own since I have been there before but honestly, I hardly remember the way though. And Angkor Wat is really beautiful and I think I didn’t manage to take impressive pictures in my previous trip to the place when part of it is under repair works. So, this time would gives me another chance.


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