A year after London 2012

A year ago, the world witnessed the successful opening ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games on 27th July 2012. Ohh, it’s been one year anniversary of the games already. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like the games just ended not long ago. I remembered very well that in weeks before the games, the anticipation is already building up high worldwide as everyone is watching on how London is going to stage the world’s biggest sporting event. And yes, London delivered.


(Opening ceremony fireworks. Image source: http://sport-onthebox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/BBC-London-2012-Anniversary-programming.png)

Eventhough its opening and closing ceremonies are not on par compared to Beijing 2008 in terms of scale, proportion, synchronization and performance levels, London 2012 was still a very successful games. I recalled that I purposely wake up in the middle of the night just to watch the opening ceremony. I love to watch things like that. And what I remembered the most till now from the ceremony would be the scene of James Bond (by Daniel Craig) with the Queen in parody jumping off a helicopter to enter the Olympic Stadium. What I like is there is some sort of humour and lightness in this ceremony which is not seen in Beijing 2008.

And not to forget also Rowan Atkinson’s appearance in the ceremony as the popular Mr. Bean character. That’s cute. The part of lighting of Olympic cauldron is also quite unforgettable. We don’t see this kind of thing in Beijing 2008, and that’s what still makes London 2012 memorable eventhough Beijing 2008 impressed me more. Let’s not compare anymore. One is something happened a year ago, and not to mention another one was like 5 years ago. In London 2012, the most impressive performance from Malaysia would definitely falls on Lee Chong Wei, as he bagged another Olympic silver medal for the country in badminton. Pandelela Nirong also helped Malaysia to score a bronze medal in diving.

That was Malaysia’s best performance in Olympic history despite not having able to win a single gold medal from this games so far. Nevermind, three more years later, all the best athletes, sportsmen or sportswomen would gather again to compete in the next edition of Summer Olympic Games, Rio 2016, to be held at Rio de Janeiro, a breathtaking city in Brazil. By the way, I remembered that the London 2012 Olympic Park would undergoes some kind of renovations or transformations into a large urban park after the games as planned. I wonder how is it going so far now since it’s already been a year after London 2012.


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