Astro Star Quest 2013 Final.

Astro Star Quest is an annual Chinese singing competition in Malaysia for people ranging from 18 to 24 years old. It has been on the run annually for over 15 years. The competition for the year 2013 started out with registration of thousand of contestants early this year. Then, there are several elimination stages that will ends up finally with 20 contestants. The 20 finalists will then compete through preliminary rounds and semi-finals before gaining the top 5 tickets to the grand final concluded an hour ago.

The final was held on 13th July 2013 at Subterranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition Center (SPICE), a huge indoor arena at Penang Island that can hold up to 10 000 audiences. The final took three hours and is divided into four stages. I didn’t pay much attention to this singing competition in early rounds because there is too many people (early was in top 20) and some are not really that good. When it comes to semi-finals, I started to look out for who had great voice, or who had the biggest potential to be in final. And the 5 finalists are Gean, Amy, Esther, Justin and Rax (first three are girls, last two are boys).


In the first round, Gean and Amy had equal score each, which is also the lowest one. Both of them are maximising the sexiness in them to enhance their performance as their voices are generally normal only (sorry to their supporters, but it’s true). That isn’t enough to stay longer on this stage, and so Gean turned out to be the fourth runner-up, while Amy is the third runner-up. This is announced right after the second round concluded. Nevertheless, they still won prizes and to be credited for their wonderful performances that see the maximum of their effort. Now, what’s left is the top three; Rax, Justin and Esther for the third round.

Rax’s performance isn’t as captivating as Justin in the third round that saw Justin’s score jumped tremendously high in sudden. Justin is no doubt has a young and good look, and he is the contestant with most number of supporters in the arena. I thought he would be in top two, but I was wrong, unexpectedly. Rax went into top 2 successfully with score only a little higher than Justin that eventually became the second runner-up. Nevertheless, Justin won a prize too for becoming the most popular finalist in the competition by gaining most votes from Malaysians all over the country. Where is Esther? Well, she is forever on her top position even from the early rounds of this competition already. Hence, there shouldn’t be problem for her at all. Now, left Rax and Esther in the final (fourth) round on which each of them has to sing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’.

As predicted, Esther’s powerful and striking vocal together with her beautiful and unique voice contributed to her success in this competition by becoming the champion. Very much expected. Rax is good…he had quite a lovely voice and good control of his tone, but Esther is just too strong. Hence, Rax is the first runner-up and Esther is crowned the winner with wonderful prizes. The champion won also a Toyota car. Wow…There are five judges, and one of them from Taiwan had highlighted that this year, looking from the performance from the top three finalists, he mentioned that he worried for his home country’s Chinese Million Star singing competition. Our contestants here will surely give a very tough fight to future contestants in the popular Taiwan’s singing show.


Congratulation to all the five finalists as each of you have done impressive job for the final which appears more like a concert than a competition. I can see that they are enjoying the stage. A big congratulation to the winners! I look forward to their performance (I see big potential on them especially Esther) on Taiwan’s Chinese Million Star competition and also on the Hong Kong TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship. Let’s show to the Chinese regions that we have great singers here from Malaysia, born out from this annual Astro Star Quest competition. Anyway, I had a great time watching the final show just now. It was great. Awesome. The Final was held very successfully just now eventhough without any special guest. But at least, we have a section with the former champions at this singing competition from the past. Well, now, we have to wait for another year, for the next edition; Astro Star Quest 2014.

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