Happy fasting to my Muslim friends!

Ramadhan month has began today, and so I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Muslim friends a happy fasting month! Same goes to every other Muslims in the world. Selamat berpuasa! Have a blessed Ramadhan!



(Image source: http://lelakiohlelaki.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Selamat-Berpuasa-2011-2.jpg)


This also means that there is a month to go before the Hari Raya celebration. And also less than a month to go before my trip to Cambodia for the second time. Yes, next month, during the Raya break, I would be on my family trip to Cambodia. I had been there before few years ago for a study trip along with my university classmates and lecturers. Now, I’m going solely for vacation purpose. On this upcoming trip, I can also explain on a little backgrounds of several tourist attractions to my family and also walk by myself on several places that I’m familiar with. Hmm…looking forward to the trip too eventhough I have been to the country before not long ago. I wish to see the Angkor Wat and the other nearby temples again.

Back to the Ramadhan. Today is the beginning of the fasting month. All of my Malay colleagues couldn’t eat or drink during the whole office working hours. I am the only exception. My employee even asked me to fast with them. I can say it’s a good practice but I have to say I couldn’t do it. Why? I’m thin. I’m skinny. I couldn’t live without food once in few hours. I must drink frequently to rejuvenate myself. If I’m fasting, I think I would faint sometime in the office. But have I tried fasting before? Let me think. No…But I had several times when I’m rushing for my assignment submission in university few years back that I did not take any food in about 10 hours. But I did drink a bit in between. So, that’s not considered fasting.

I have to admire how my Malay colleagues can wake up very early, do praying, and then abstain from eating and drinking for like 12 hours straight, and this has to be practised everyday in a whole month. Amazing. And they can still work quite efficiently. But I still see they complaining of tiredness and sleepiness which is obviously usual. Anyway, they can leave work half an hour earlier, while I have to stay with the normal office working hours. By the way, happy fasting to all my Muslim friends once again! Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa! Perhaps, one day, I will try to practise fasting too as requested by my colleagues today.


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