Movie review: Despicable Me 2 (2013)

‘Despicable Me’ is back with a sequel. Cool. The first one was a great movie, and so I’m not going to miss its sequel; ‘Despicable Me 2’. This time, Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to deal with a powerful new super criminal with help of a female agent, Lucy. After the event in first movie which saw Gru no longer involved in criminals after influence by his three adopted daughters, Gru lives a steady life until he is given a new task this time; to fight criminal now. He is back on action with his group of henchman, the famous little minions!!!


The story is quite interesting, but the thing that gets the most attention from this movie would be the Gru’s minions.….The little cute yellow creatures are very well received since being introduced in the first movie. They are so likeable, adorable and cute! They do funny things, making noises that no one can understand but will get you laughing at it. Without them, I’m sure this movie is going to lose a lot of audiences. Realizing this point, the production team this time made the right decision by putting quite a heavy emphasis on these minions in ‘Despicable Me 2’. Well, even at a point near the ending, these minions play very important role (not going to spoil it out here) this time. More minions! Who can resist?

Kids should be definitely enjoyed and very entertained by the film. There are various cute and funny scenes, but I found some parts intended to crack a laugh or two gets me to feel a bit too silly. Well, I’m not a kid anymore. But hey, I do enjoy this film too. I couldn’t stop saying that those minions are so cute! I knew that many people now are trying so hard to get toys of these minions from some merchandise. I wish to get one too. Where can I get one or even more of it? Okay…back to this movie review. With the minions, the movie is fun, is cheerful, is colourful, but lacks a strong put into the storyline. The development of the story is quite shallow. Luckily, I find that the addition of love story between Gru and Lucy in the movie is well sorted out. Usually, I find romance like this is boring, but not from this movie.


The plot seems weightless to me. In the first movie, we saw a number of hard things Gru has to face with from his enemy. Well, that’s the climax part. That’s the exciting part. That’s the adventure. But for this movie, I didn’t seems to find any, except for the very last part that took only about 10 minutes?…Just like that. That’s very little dramatic tension that I’m looking for. And that’s it. It’s pure fun (not that fun actually), pure cute (thanks to the minions), but lacks some sort of ‘edge’. Like I said earlier, kids would certainly love this, but for young adults like me, we wish to see more from it. A bit disappointed, but this sequel still stands out with straightforward fun and minions that save the day. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Despicable Me 2’ a total of 7.0. Ahh…I just saw a news that there would be a spin-off film specially for the minions and it will be out by end of next year. Gonna wait a bit long for that.


2 Responses to “Movie review: Despicable Me 2 (2013)”

  1. I had an alright time, but it’s obvious this is a movie for kids and families, and them alone. Good review Vince.

  2. Watched the trailer, haven’t seen either film yet, thanks for an honest opinion about it. Maybe family can see this one.

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