Wow! Blog surpassed 2 million hits!

Monday blue….I still couldn’t get away from insomnia on every Sunday’s night, and the lack of sleep has made my Monday a little worse. But when I returned home from the boring day, I felt totally the other way around. There is this hilarious TV game show from Hong Kong, called ‘Super Trio Maximus’ that got me burst into laughter. Then, I proceed to play Cityville, a city-building game from Zynga that I would not skip every single day. In the game today (just now), I successfully moved on to Level 120, which is an extremely high level and requires a very long time to achieve.

But the happiest thing that made my Monday no longer Monday blue (eventhough the day is almost over) is my blog’s hits today. On January 16th, 2012, my blog broke 1 million hits (views). I still remember whenever I told this to somebody, he or she would doubt it, but it’s true. No lying, tricks or anything. Today, approximately a year and a half later from the 1-million mark, my blog yet achieved another wonderful record; 2-million hits. You can scroll down a bit at the right side of the screen to check it out. By the way, let’s have a little fireworks to celebrate it out! (Only image…LOL)

2-million hits blog


(Image source:×1440.jpg, and slightly edited with wordings added to my preference)

Yes,…I have been waiting for this for so long. My blog has finally exceeds 2, 000, 000 views, thanks to the increasing number of visitors to my blog, especially to my blog followers. It’s not easy for a blog to gain interest or attention of people especially when we all are from different backgrounds. I am very delighted for my blog to have reach this far. It took my blog 3 1/2 years to reach 1-million mark, then 1 1/2 year to reach 2-million mark. Hmmm…how about the next milestone; 3-million? Let me set a target,…one year perhaps? But I’m not going to stress myself by the figures. Just let it be.

I bought a pair of shoes today during my one-hour lunch break. I take it as a gift to myself for such accomplishment achieved today by my blog that has been here for almost 5 years. Honestly, I bought it because the shoes I’m currently wearing everyday to work had been in a very bad condition already. It’s the right time to buy a new one. Now, this would allows me to wear a new pair of shoes for my trip next month to Cambodia too. But that costs me almost a hundred bucks…Ehh…pain to my wallet. Ahh, forget about it…

Congratulation to my blog once again for surpassing two million hits today. What a wonderful achievement. More to come…



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