Movie review: Blind Detective (2013)

‘Blind Detective’ (盲探) is a Hong Kong romantic comedy and crime thriller film directed by Johnnie To and starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. It has been almost a decade since the last time Andy and Sammi paired up in a movie. Best regarded as the Hong Kong box office golden screen couple, the two superstars made a great comeback by taking the lead roles in the ‘Blind Detective’. I can’t wait to see this on-screen couple back again, and I’m certainly looking forward also to Sammi Cheng’s performance here.

Blind Detective

‘Blind Detective’ tells the story of literally, a former detective, Johnston, forced to leave service after turning blind, whom ekes out his living by solving cold cases for police rewards. He stumbles upon a female inspector, Ka Tung whom later requested his help to locate her friend that has been missing for many years. From there, they embark on a journey together to uncover the truth which can be hard to accept. The story itself is very interesting. This movie doesn’t falls in one particular category or theme. It is basically a mixture of every elements; romance, comedy, crime, and thriller. Four in one. What more do you want?


From such fantastic combination which is captured quite well by Johnnie into a single movie, you will certainly find it interesting. There are light, funny and playful moments, and at the same time, also dark, serious and violent scenes. Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng took the roles in this kind of challenging situation to a very satisfying level. It’s not easy to portray as a blind character, but Andy nailed it eventhough I believe he can still do a bit better. Sammi Cheng, on the other hand, had a character that deals with most actions, emotions and pain. And she performed it extremely well. I had no choice but to wonder how come she has not win any best actress yet from Hong Kong Film Awards in so many years.

I am thoroughly engaged as the story progresses. I’m a bit disappointed that there are a number of unnecessary parts that made the movie a bit too long for me. The part of Andy Lau with Gao Yuanyuan is some kind of a boring extra section that should be cut out. The scene with the crazy grandma should also be taken off. Then, the movie would be much better. Luckily, Johnnie To still retains some hilarious scenes to keep us entertained while not too seriously overwhelmed by the dark side of the story. I’m quite interested on the parts where Andy uses his imagination to assume on how a particular murder works and it always work out while Sammi is the one doing all the hard works for him. And later on, they felt in love with each other. But that romance part is a bit too fast and little, not very much stressed this time. But it’s okay for me.


Their collaboration is very comfortable and natural. Their spark which started out from earlier films like ‘Needing You’, ‘Love on a Diet’ and ‘Yesterday Once More’ is still shining great here. You won’t be bored by this pairing. I have also heard the theme song for this movie, sang by both of them, available in Mandarin and Cantonese version. The song is quite good and ‘fresh’ for me out from them. Both Andy and Sammi are great on their roles here (honestly, the two superstars save the film from going downhill), accompanied with undeniably interesting and daring mix of several elements together for quite a wonderful detective film eventhough there are some slight not-so-good things somewhere here and there. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Blind Detective’ a total of 7.3.

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