It’s much more than just an old car.

Today, my dad would be bringing home a new car. It’s Hyundai Elantra on which he had purchased it five months ago. He had only received the car today as previously, it is out of stock and it needs to wait for its parts to be imported from oversea for fixing and final procedures here before it can comes out of factory. What a long wait. We waited until like there is no longer any excitement for the arrival of a new car. Finally, today this new ‘family member’ arrived home.

Previously, my dad drove a silver coloured Proton Waja, and he had used it for almost ten years. Next month would be its 10th anniversary. But before it could reach that record, my dad had to sell it already early this week before the new car comes. Monday was the last time I see the Proton Waja which is now in quite a bad condition. It’s getting old. Due to its age, several things inside are already damaged and the noise emitted from the engine part when the car is started makes it more like a scrap metal ready for disposal.

But…for me, the Proton Waja is much more than just an old car. Many unforgettable scenes in my life from age 12 to 22 (a decade) has this car involved. I still remembered quite well the first time my dad brought this Proton Waja home. ………’s a new car for the family (at that time, only my parents can drive). That time, my mom was still around, and we happily get on the car together for the first time and drive around the town at night……. It somehow grows with me as I went from being a child, then to a teenager, and now a young adult. It has accompanied me for almost ten years. Of course, there should be a kind of emotional attachment between me and this particular car eventhough it’s not a living object.

For the Proton Waja, I have only driven it in a short period of time when I have to learn manual driving under my father’s guidance to pass my driving test. After I got my license, I sticked to auto-driving which is much easier, and so the Proton Waja is never an option for me whenever I wanted to go out. Eventhough I have not really driven it before (my role is just to sit at the back mostly), but the memories I had that involves this old car are indescribable. That’s the reason I mentioned that it’s more than just an old car. Goodbye, Proton Waja. Now, we welcomed a new car to the family. A Hyundai Elantra. Next time, I can borrow from my dad and drive it to work. Haha…


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