Movie review: Monsters University (2013)

Still remember ‘Monsters Inc’? I can’t believe that movie was 12 years ago. At that time, I was just a kid, and I’m very entertained by the movie. The giant fluffy blue monster, Sullivan and a small one-eyed green creature, Mike are two very iconic Pixar characters that made a memorable mark to my childhood. Now, after over a decade, the two are back in a new film, entitled ‘Monsters University’ which acts as a prequel to the first one. I wonder why it take so long for Pixar to create a following film to ‘Monsters Inc’ as I believed it did quite well back in 2001.


Now, in ‘Monsters University’, the story rewinds back to the time when Mike had just entered the Monsters University and get himself trained to be a scarer which has been his goal since he was a child. From there, he embarks on a learning process and meeting new people whom mostly are making his life difficult as he is seen not suitable to be the scarer. After being kicked out from scaring programme in school, he doesn’t give up and insisted on joining the scare games to get back on his track, and that decision sets for a good ride along. In the end, he turns out to be a great scare planner while his best friend, Sullivan do the scare job.

Sorry for a little spoiler. By looking at the plot itself, you would know it’s going to be fun. Yes, it is. I am immersed into how Mike feels when he goes through the days in the university, not letting his dream goes while always being looked down by the others. The story is quite engaging eventhough I actually hope for more intense parts. This time, I realized that there is a serious emphasis on carrying out the story, while slightly neglecting on putting some extra effort to get us excited with climax-reaching sequences. I still remembered that ‘Monsters Inc’ had much more ‘rides’ to offer than this. It still has the fun, but not to the very best as hoped for.

I find that some parts which are intended to be hilarious turned out silly for me. Perhaps, kids will laugh, but not to adult. Anyway, I just take it lightly and things still go fine.


It’s still a good animated movie to watch. It has a solid plot, quite a delightful story, and I believe people will like another movie like this based on the ‘Monsters’ characters. Kids will definitely enjoy it, but I think it will just be seen as a moderate work by Pixar to the adults like me. It doesn’t reach to Pixar’s highest standards, but it’s a fun flick to spend your leisure time on a Saturday’s night. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Monsters University’ a total of 6.9. Now, I had a feeling, wanting to re-watch ‘Monsters Inc’. I think the first one is slightly better. Anyway, ‘Monsters University’ is still proven to be a good effort, just not among the best.

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