Worsening haze in KL now…

Last Saturday was the last day we see the clear blue sky over Kuala Lumpur. At least clearer than what we see these two days. Yesterday, the first thing I realize as soon as I woke up; what is the smell? Ehh…it’s the smell of the air outside. That’s how bad it is. The smog has even penetrated into my home even when we have closed all the doors and windows. The haze has now returns to Kuala Lumpur after making its stop earlier at Singapore. And I got a recent news yesterday that API reading at Muar, Johor rises up to 750, the highest ever recorded in 16 years. That’s crazy. I’m really worried if KL hits that figure too soon. Wait…where is KLCC? I can’t see it…I think the picture below had already shown KLCC at the clearest these two days. Got it?



(Image source: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/06/23/malaysia-smog-worst-in-16-years-due-to-indonesia-fires/)

It is really very hazy out there. Visibility drops to a point that I could barely see the hill which is very near behind my house. The smell is almost unbearable especially to me who has quite a sensitive nose and had asthma history. On Sunday, I just went out quickly just for lunch and dinner. The rest of the time; at home. Ahh, it’s good to be a student. You don’t need to go to school today as the government had announced closures of all schools in several states including in Kuala Lumpur. For me who has to work, I have to go to work too. No excuse, since I would be working all the eight hours inside an air-conditioned room unlike those who has to work outdoors.

Just a few advice to people here currently experiencing the haze which is quite bad to our health. Try to stay indoor most of the time. Drink plenty of water. Wear mask when you are outside. Rinse your eyes when you feel uncomfortable or itchy on your eyes. And drive extra carefully on roads at this point of time when visibility is quite low. Even today, I felt slightly not well on my throat and eyes already when the haze has just hit my place for two days. More is coming as it is reported that the hotspots in Sumatra (the cause of the haze) has doubled yesterday. That means thicker haze is on their way to Peninsular Malaysia. Oh…no!

Previously, it is the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore that were hit hard by the severe smog with API (air pollution index) or PSI (pollution standard index) hitting very unhealthy or even hazardous level. Then, now, wind blows the haze to the central part of Malaysia, and that’s where Kuala Lumpur, the capital, my place is. Thanks to my neighbour country for contributing this special gift (haze) for almost once every year. And they are blaming on Malaysian companies for doing open burning at their place, not realizing that it is their authority that gives approval to those responsible companies. And also they mentioned that Singapore behave like a child when the latter sends warning to Indonesia to tackle the issue. Wait, the haze comes from where first? Indonesia. I believe the three countries should sit together and discuss for a long-term solution to prevent haze from occurring again which is bad to people’s health and to economy.

Many people are now making hilarious comments or responses regarding the haze. Even my colleague today joked that they are now working at Genting Highlands since there are a lot of mist out there (it’s actually smog). Everyone must be talking about the haze now. It’s predicted to last for another few weeks more. Oh my…have to stand with this kind of atmosphere for that long. Some said that yesterday’s night, we are supposed to see supermoon of the year, the event when Moon is closest to the Earth in the year. I saw a slightly bigger moon, but it turns out in dark orange to us, thanks to the trapped dust particles at the sky here in Malaysia due to the haze that made the moon to look like this. Haze, when will you go away?


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