Went to KL Convention Centre today for ARCHIDEX 2013

ARCHIDEX 2013 is Malaysia’s 14th international architecture, interior design and building exhibition that is taking place in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 19 to 22 June 2013. It’s an annual event which will features exhibition booths or kiosks from various suppliers in building industry, design conference and forum, displays of outstanding works by university students major in architecture. Today would be the last day of ARCHIDEX 2013, and so hurry up if you are interested, before you have to wait for a year. The official website of the event: http://www.archidex.com.my/.


(Image source: http://smartform.greenreg.org/cis/archidexprereg2013/images/archidex_header1.png)

I went to this exhibition this morning together with one of my working colleagues. This is my 3rd time attending ARCHIDEX, and also my second time in a row. Two weeks earlier, I have received an express tag which doesn’t requires me to register and I can just straight walk in for admission without any more procedures. I think I have the tag because I have registered and attended the event last year, and so the organiser presented this express tag to facilitate our admission, and keep us coming every year.

We walked around all the exhibition halls and that took us around 3 hours. We stopped by for a minute or two on several booths that display interesting products, and we were given excellent briefing by the booth operators. If we were to do this for every booths, we wouldn’t be able to finish visiting all of them by 7pm when it will be closed. Hence, we cut short our time at several booths when their operators show very much interest on explaining briefly to us. Sorry for that. At many other booths, we just take a glimpse of what they offer, and just get their brochures as fast as possible. Things we have taken from the exhibition:


After three hours of visiting all the halls, we were very tired, not because of walking, but because of carrying so many bags containing brochures, books, magazines, small product samples, and name cards (we actually to take as much as possible from them since it’s free and we can read after the visit). They are so heavy, and we didn’t have the mood to go any further. However, we still feels like ‘let’s finish visiting all, that’s very little left’. At the last section of the final exhibition hall, we just walked by quickly without any intention of asking for things anymore. At last, we finished touring all the halls. What an amazing experience of having able to see new advanced products, learn new technologies or systems, and meeting new people in building industry which are all essential to us in architectural works. It’s good to have this kind of exhibition which will definitely broaden our knowledge in the vast building industry especially to me, considered a newbie to this field.


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