Frequent headlines from Penang: Structures collapsing

Not more than two weeks ago, we are shocked to find out that part of the ramp leading to the Second Penang Bridge which is still under construction has collapsed. The ramp is at the Batu Maung section. The accident has caused death to a person whom was buried inside his car beneath the rubble and injuries to several others. A panel had been set up to probe on the cause of the structural failure that led to the collapse. Well, it should be the poor quality of construction in Malaysia that has contributed to such unwanted case. Not opened yet, and part of it had already collapsed. What if the bridge has opened at the time of the accident? And it collapses at the peak hours when people are leaving work to return home. It would be much more tragic.



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The bridge which is scheduled to be completed by this September would most probably now heading for a new completion date. It’s going to be delayed again, which is the same fate KLIA2 expansion is receiving now. The new airport terminal which is to house the famous low-cost airline AirAsia is expected to be opened this year, but is now scheduled to open May next year instead. Malaysia is so used to delay construction projects. Disappointing. What to do. We can just hope for these structures to be completely safe after built.

Last week, we learnt of another collapse accident in Penang again. This time, it’s a lighting arrestor which is over 20 metres long (that’s a huge one) that falls from the top of 21-storey UMNO Building in Georgetown after a heavy storm. Together with several other accompanying structures, it came crashing down to Macalister Road, wrecking havoc to the area as though a war has just erupted there. Many cars and the road that received the direct impact are damaged seriously. First, it is reported that the accident had caused a death and injuries to few persons. Then, only few days later, it is discovered that there is a car found buried few metres deep within the damaged road caused by the crashing lighting arrestor.



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Search and rescue team came in. More digging works are carried out to find the remain of a man believed to have been in the car during the accident. Everything in pieces beneath. The collapsing force is very high. The rescue operation is called off few days ago with briefing given to the family members of the missing man on the cause to stop the operation. Further digging would affects structures nearby and could damage underground piping or ducting. Hence, now it can be confirmed that this accident had took two lives. The heavy storm which is seen as the worst in recent years at Penang had also led to another death from falling tree, pushing the death toll to 3. May the deceased both from the ramp collapse and lighting arrestor’s collapse, also from the Penang’s recent storm rest in peace.

Malaysians now love to politicize things, including these two recent collapses. Government blaming the opposition, and vice versa. I’m sick of it. Stop all these. Start a fair and wise investigation to find out the truth. Correct the mistakes, do things in the right way with quality, so that unwanted accidents like this will not happen again that easily in Malaysia.




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