Movie review: Hatchet 3 (2013)

Victor Krowley is back! If you do not who he is, then I believe you are not interested in slasher films. He can be considered as a recent addition to the list of Hollywood’s most famous psycho-killer characters in movie history. On Hatchet 1 (2006), and Hatchet 2 (2010), two separate groups of people are murdered brutally by this huge-sized deformed man that has his own dark past that haunt the swamp he lives in for many years. Everyone thought it was just an urban legend, not knowing that Victor Krowley actually exist and will hunt them all. That’s how the story goes in the first two films. Quite interesting.


Then, it continued to this third instalment which is newly-released this year. After the violent massacre from events in first and second movies, a  search and recovery team heads into the haunted swamp to pick up the pieces (the dead bodies) and on the other hand, Marybeth (main character of the franchise) learns the secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing the swamp for many years. This is how the plot goes this time in Hatchet 3. Quite a similar plot that this kind of movie wouldn’t run away from as expected. Hatchet 3 only runs less than one and a half hour, so things went pretty fast.


That’s good anyway. We wouldn’t want to be dragged by plenty of character development in movie like this one which some serious movie critics are always desperate for. It’s shown enough from this movie. I even find that there is a bit too much of talking this time around, but luckily, things went straightforward back quick to the killing spree in the swamp by the terrific-looking Victor Krowley who is now resurrected once again after being killed by Marybeth in previous film. What we are looking for is of course the gruesome parts, the scary parts, or the bloody parts. And this film kind of delivers it quite well, just like its two predecessors. Some scenes are quite shocking and disgusting, and this time a lot of people (cops) got killed in a split second. I didn’t even catch those scenes in detail properly. It’s too fast.


I won’t say much about acting. Poor acting can be forgiven in films like this. There is not much chance for decent performance to be shown on this type of film. Some characters are a bit too stupid that made themselves easy to be killed which is very predicted as I have been watching various slasher films before that go with similar direction. One noticeable thing from this franchise is the Chinese actor Parry Shen. He had appeared in all the three films in the franchise; got killed in the first because he tried to take a weapon while Victor is so near (that’s stupid decision), got killed again in the second (as different character) because he is too freaked out and made the wrong step. Finally, he survived in this third movie because he is a bit clever now as another different character (this time as a paramedic). As for Marybeth portrayed by Danielle Harris, she appears annoying to me. That’s it.

The movie started off quite well. But then, I find there is too many people involved now and got killed too quick without even a little attention to them. The ending came too shallow. The way Victor dies here is too simple. Perhaps he is going to come back easily again for next sequel (again). Well, this is a another good slasher film eventhough it’s not the best of course, but this didn’t disappoint similarly to the first two. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Hatchet 3’ a total of 6.8. I would look forward if there is another sequel planned for this.

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