What’s hot on this week….Tuen Ng, a Chinese festival today, Father’s Day this weekend, stars getting married, Man of Steel out!

First of all, Happy Tuen Ng Festival to all Chinese celebrating this festival. It’s celebrated annually on fifth day of the fifth month in lunar calendar. It’s a public holiday in China, but not in Malaysia where Chinese isn’t the majority here. Too bad. Usual working day today. This festival is of course associated with eating rice dumplings, but this year I didn’t even eat one. I remembered that years ago, my grandma would prepare some rice dumplings and brought us some to enjoy. Time flies. She had even left the world for almost a year. While my mom had left too for six years already.

Let’s not talk about the sad things. This Tuen Ng Festival is also associated with racing dragon boat. Yup, you can see one from the Google Doodle today which is designed in dedication to this Chinese festival. A nice visual indeed. You can see it directly below: (Image from Google search main page today)google doodle tuen ng And honestly, I only realized that today is the festival only after I have checked on the Google page this morning. Or else, I would have forgotten that today is the Tuen Ng Festival. Hmm…on the other hand, this weekend would be the Father’s Day celebration. Have to think of a place now for a dinner treat to my beloved dad this Sunday.

The next ‘hot’ topic within this week is the announcement of marriage between two highly-acclaimed Hong Kong’s TVB artists. They are Moses Chan and Aimee Chan. Hmm..how coincident, they shared the same family name too. They finally tied the knot after revealing their relationship not long ago. Congratulation to both of them. They decided to keep it close and private, and so they had their marriage over in Canada instead. Not much publicized which is preferred by them. The 42-years old Moses Chan had previously won Best Actor at TVB Anniversary Awards 2007 for his portrayal as Dak Dak Dei in highly successful family drama ‘Heart of Greed’. Their marriage would make a big entertainment news of Hong Kong this year. A wedding photo of them below taken at Toronto, Canada:



(Image source: http://www.jaynestars.com/news/aimee-chan-and-moses-chan-announce-marriage/)

Now, let’s move on to the next thing I wanted to write here. Ooh, ‘Man of Steel’ is coming up to the big screen this week. Cool, I’m going to watch it soon, but there is this worry that it would be hard to buy tickets for the movie this week. This is going to attract a lot of movie-goers. A new movie on Superman, a superhero character that has not appear in big screen for quite some time. Who would want to miss it? It’s trailer looks good to me. This new film had a heavy and viral campaigning and advertising recently. Must be spending a lot of money on it. Nevermind, I believe it would have a great return. This is going to score big in box office too, just like Iron Man 3 earlier this year. Looking forward to watch it…



(Image source: http://leviathyn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Man-Of-Steel-2013-chest-look.jpg)

That’s it. Nothing else for the week which is halfway over and another halfway to go. Can’t wait for another weekend to arrive.


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