Movie review: I Love Hong Kong 2013

‘I Love Hong Kong 2013’ is a Hong Kong comedy film released on early February this year in conjunction with Chinese New Year and is the third film in ‘I Love Hong Kong’ film series. The first two in the series are some of the most entertaining lunar new year films I have ever watched. I remembered that I had a great laugh at the first two films in the series. When this third film was still on the theatrical run, I once had the desire to watch it with high anticipation. However, my sister came back with disappointing remark of the film and so I didn’t go for it that time.


Now, I recall back that I missed out this movie and it has been four months from its release already. I watched it finally. Quite a weird feeling because there is no more Chinese New Year mood around which should be present to further enjoy the movie. ‘I Love Hong Kong 2013’ tells the life story of best friends, Sung Chi Hung (old portrayed by Alan Tam, young portrayed by Bosco Wong) and Ha Shek Lam (old portrayed by Natalis Chan, young portrayed by Michael Tse), whom both felt in love with the same girl (old portrayed by Veronica Yip, young portrayed by Kate Tsui) and turned enemies later on while Sung tries to protect their Chinese restaurant from foul forces. The film also stars Eric Tsang, Chris Lai, Pierre Ngo, Joyce Cheng, Koo Ming Wah, Benz Hui, Wong Cho Lam, Stanley Fung, etc.

The story is strong and solid which carries quite a number of meaningful and positive messages to viewers. This time, the story emphasized on moral values, family bond, awkward romance and most of all the priceless friendship. Since the story covers quite a lot of things, the story has to progress and develop without the opportunity to explore on producing laughters to viewers like in previous two films in the series. It is similarly intended to be a comedy film, but ‘I Love Hong Kong 2013’ fails in this category. I only had a single laugh or two from this one. The rest, just typical story telling involving the great number of casts that save the day a little. Now, it’s not that entertaining anymore.


It is disappointing to see a Chinese New Year movie as plain as this one. People are obviously looking for fun as soon as they decided to watch it, but this movie had almost nothing for it. The hairstyle design is intended to be funny, but I find it only ugly. If ‘I Love Hong Kong 2013’ is added with more hilarious moments, then  it would be great. Luckily, there is still the other Hong Kong lunar new year movie, ‘Hotel Deluxe’ that achieved the objective. I had a great time watching ‘Hotel Deluxe’ last time rather than this. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘I Love Hong Kong 2013’ a total of only 6.0. Not that entertaining and not that hilarious as expected!

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