Here comes June 2013. This is my 1200th post.

Okay. Believe it or not. The first half of the present year is reaching its end soon. That’s unbelievably fast. Like I said many times before, time flies and you will not notice how precious it is until it’s gone. Even I am shocked that I did nothing remarkable or special this year, and that the five passing months had been a very ordinary or to a certain extent, boring to me. The only exception is on last February when we had the Chinese New Year celebration by having quite a long vacation in Europe. Amazing. That’s four months ago. Huh…

Goodbye May 2013. It has been a month of Malaysian politics to me and every single Malaysians. Nothing else. The month is gone, and the election is over. Time to get back to reality when our country would be still managed by the lousy ruling coalition for another four to five years. Forget about it. Let’s see if there is anything great coming soon on this month. No major stuff. And I guess no global event to catch up with too unlike in last year when we had UEFA Euro 2012, London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, etc. Basically, I find that no major things are usually planned on year that ends with odd number. Did you realize that too?



(Image source:, with words added)

Wait…oh, this is my 1200th post for my blog here. Incredible. Amazing. I have nothing else to say. It’s hard to describe my feeling now. I’m just feeling very happy for it. I thought I would have accomplish this milestone before end of June, and now I did it when June just began. It’s a month early than the target. Wonderful result. I had been producing quite a lot of posts in May. And that’s brought my goal to 1200th post much closer…and even now, achieved! By the end of this year, I would have easily surpass 1300th post mark which is my target set early this year. And let’s hope also that by end of this month, my blog could hit 2, 000, 000 views too. Then, that would be another fascinating news to me.

Suddenly have this in my mind that I have long not been to beach before. Walking by the beach, enjoying the sunset, playing with the water, watching the ocean are something very pleasant to do. For people living in the bustling city like us, it would be almost impossible for us to get near the beach. Hence, for this month’s blog header, I would insert a striking and beautiful image of an unknown beach somewhere, showcasing beauty of nature, so that I would at least be able to enjoy the view from the top of my blog for this whole month every time I came upon here. Another copy of the header image below (click on it for larger version). The image source:, and I have added words that leads to this outcome:

June 2013 blog header

Let’s have a great month!


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