Yea…end of May already.

May has been one of the longest months of the year for me. I don’t know. I just feel that the days in this particular month are passing too slow. In early May, the topic that I had written the most in my blog here is none other than the Malaysian politics. On May 5th, my country had its 13th general election. The result…you knew, I knew. Nothing surprising. The ruling coalition won, but the opposition pact gained higher number of individual votes and still lost. Conclusion: the system of allocating the seats is wrong and unbalanced.

That’s it. I would not want to continue debating on politics once again here. No more. Time to settle down. Another four to five years more from now before I am to continue writing back on the politics when the next election is near. This month, I’m quite eager to watch several new movies released this month. Iron Man 3, Epic, Fast and Furious 6 are the movies I’m looking forward to this month. And I watched all of them eventhough the price of movie tickets now is getting higher as I found out recently. Great movies by the way. You can check out my personal review to each of the mentioned movies.

I had mentioned I had quit watching several recent TVB dramas lately as they are very poorly made. Boring and confusing storyline and lack of excitement. You know what series I am referring to if you have read my previous posts. So, no series to catch up this month, and that made my night quite boring. Luckily, there are two interesting television programmes from Hong Kong too that had my attention; Office of Practical Jokes and Super Trio Maximus. The former is a tv show which made pranks or tricks to artists by Johnson Lee and his group of staff, while the latter is a very famous tv game show with successful history…and we got to see the return of Eric Tsang with his fellow buddies getting back to host this very entertaining show. Both programmes are awesome, but these are usually going to end very fast.

What else to conclude the month? Ahh..This month also marked the first anniversary of me working in my present company. It’s my first job in architecture field, and I had gone through a year of that. Cool! I learned a lot and I found out it’s so much different than what we have learnt in our study in the past few years. Probably, after a while, or perhaps another year more, then I will continue back to further my study to master. This month, I had also been writing a lot of construction updates on several iconic skyscrapers currently under construction around the world; One World Trade Center (New York), Shanghai Center (Shanghai) and Chow Tai Fook Centre (Guangzhou). My interest on skyscrapers never gets away from me.



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