Movie review: The Croods (2013)

A Wednesday’s night for a movie at home, on my bed, in an air-conditioned room, while outside is pouring. What else is more comfortable than this. And the movie I had just watched is ‘The Croods’, an animated feature film released early this year that received generally very favourable reviews. And indeed, it’s a very fun and entertaining film; it sets in a fictional prehistoric era when a a man’s position as the leader of his family of the cavemen is threatened by the arrival of a genius who comes up with revolutionary new inventions, like fire, as they trek through a dangerous but exotic land in search of a new home, and also in search of what life truly is for them.


The story itself is very engaging. First, we were introduced to how the cavemen live to stay away from risks and dangers while his daughter whom is adventurous and always curious was bored by his dad’s over-protective behaviour. Then, his daughter met a genius, whom helped the cavemen family to seek for safety and look for what life is really for them. However, the arrogant dad gets embarassed and jealous by the boy’s talent. All that leads to a wonderful and fascinating adventure in this one hour and thirty minutes long animated film. Not short, not long. Just the right amount of time to deliver the whole appealing story.


I had a good time watching this. It’s fun and interesting all the way. There are some cute scenes (how the family sleep in the cave, how they end the day with story, how grandma getting so desperate for food, etc), some funny moments (how the cavemen experiences new inventions like fire and shoes, and especially those scenes involving the sloth, the genius’ pet as it loves to make special effect), and also some serious parts as the group encounters danger, attacking creatures, and awkward new things along their path to find a place out of ‘the end of the world’. Beautiful visuals and lovely score are also offered that brought this story to a greater height.


You will definitely enjoying this animated feature when you take it lightly and just see the story flows. It’s carried out in fast pace, and so it won’t get you boring in any second of it. A solid piece of entertaining and relaxing film not to be missed plus it’s a visually dazzling adventure story. Moral of the story; life has to be adventurous so that we can go forward for better ‘tomorrow’. I find that quality of animated films nowadays are getting better and better. That’s good. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Croods’ a total of 7.8. One of the best animated features of the year. I think this would gets into Oscar’s nomination in best animated feature category next year.

(All images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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