Construction update: Chow Tai Fook Centre, Guangzhou

Besides than Shanghai, there are quite a number of other Chinese cities that are experiencing rapid economic growth and high demand for construction of skyscrapers. Guangzhou is one of the cities I mentioned. Right after the city was selected to host the prestigious Asian Games 2010, Guangzhou observed a huge transformation, from construction of many state-of-the-art infrastructures to implementation of many new developments to showcase what a modern typical Chinese city could offer to the world. And Guangzhou is not missing out in terms of skyscrapers building too.

Formerly, it was the 391 metres CITIC Plaza that took the title of the city’s tallest buildings for many years. Due to the impact from the Asian Games 2010, the city then experienced much greater economic growth and saw the construction of Guangzhou International Finance Center which is completed in 2010. The building is at a height of 439 metres, which then becomes the new tallest building in the city. It’s still the current tallest in the city, but not for too long, as another project is on-going now for the construction of a much taller skyscraper.

It’s the Chow Tai Fook Centre. Previously, the proposal went for a twin towers of similar design on the east and west plot of land. Guangzhou International Finance Centre now occupies the west, while the east is allocated for another design now instead. That’s where the Chow Tai Fook Centre is. Totally different design. No more twin concept, but now Chow Tai Fook Centre is much taller than the earlier proposed height. It would have a height of 530 metres with 111 floors of mixed use purposes consisting of a hotel, residences and office spaces. Check its rendering below:


It is designed by Kohn Pederson Fox, the one behind the design of Shanghai World Financial Center too. The design is quite simple yet elegant at some point, on which I find my impression towards Kohn Pederson Fox’s designs is always the same. Simple, clean, yet beautiful. It is expected to be completed by 2017, and once completed, it would obviously be the tallest building in the city, and one of the country’s tallest too. However, it would still be slightly shorter if compared to the nearby Canton Tower (a telecommunication and sightseeing tower) for the title of Guangzhou’s tallest man-made structure. Canton Tower stands at a height of 600 metres.

Looking to the current progress of its construction, I find that this building is going up really fast. Another surprising progress after I have recently checked on the update of the Shanghai Tower. There are reports that the building now reached around 40th floor in structural construction and its core gone up to above 45th level already. That’s quick. I think it could be even completed way before the deadline (by 2017 which is four years from now). Probably be finished by 2015 instead. That’s the efficiency shown by the construction workers! Good job. The cladding had even started at the lower levels. But if comparing this design to the original proposed twin towers, I prefer the twin idea. It would look much better for twin towers to be there which would acts as a beautiful frame overlooking CITIC Plaza  on one side and Canton Tower on the other side across the river along the central axis cutting through Guangzhou’s central business district (CBD). But since it’s replaced now with one of the original twin towers and the remaining one being the now under-construction Chow Tai Fook Centre, both would still be a great addition to the skyline of Guangzhou.



This building starts to look massive already!

(All images in this post are from skyscraperpage forum discussing on this particular building. Several information in this post are from various credible sources throughout the world wide web)


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