It’s confirmed; Cambodia is my next oversea destination…again.

I had been to Cambodia before back in year 2010. But that is not a fully vacation trip. It’s more like a study trip with the whole class when I’m still taking the architecture degree course. Each of us had assignments to do, and had to choose and analyse a potential site for our design of something like a guest house. There’s a bit of pressure there. That’s what I remembered. By the way, it’s a nice and enjoyable trip with the whole class, which sums up to quite a lot of people. Going out in a huge group is really interesting. You can meet your friends somewhere on the street easily.

That was back in three years ago. Time flies. My dad has never been to Cambodia before and he had suggested earlier to go there on this upcoming Hari Raya break. Some of his friends are interested too and would like to come along. My dad had also thought of somewhere else to go, providing us with several options. However in the end, I persuade him to go to Cambodia instead. I had been there before and it’s a very interesting country to visit. Recommended it to him, and yes…he agreed. Since I would be free on the Hari Raya break somewhere in August as well, I had decided to follow him on the trip too. We will go with a tour group as usual.

Last week, my dad had booked the trip. Today, he handed the itinerary for me to see. It’s going to be a five days four nights trip. I had visited most of the places to be included in our tour. Those are like the Toul Sleng Museum, Independence Monument, Naga Casino in Phnom Penh and Tonle Sap boat ride, Angkor Thom (includes Angkor Wat of course, Bayon Temple, Ta Prohm Temple) in Siem Reap. Would I get boring if I’m going to visit those places again soon? I don’t think so. Instead, I can even briefly explains to my dad on some backgrounds or details of the tourist destinations if he missed out listening to the tour guide as he always does in previous trips. On this coming trip, I would be much familiar with the tourist attractions and could even hang out with my dad at night on leisure time at some recognizable places like the famous Pub Street in Siem Reap and get to ride on tuk-tuk which both are not included in the itinerary.

Well, there are some places included in the programme that I had not visited before too. Those are Wat Phmon (a Buddhist temple), Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh (capital of the country) and Bakeng Hill in Siem Reap (city near the historical Angkor). Many people had mentioned that a visit to Bakeng Hill to enjoy the view of Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap together with sunset is breathtaking. I’m not going to miss it this time. Well, I believed after this round, I would not be going to the country once again. Going for the first time; very exciting and interesting! Going for the second time; quite relaxing and enjoyable! Going for the third time; no way!…boring!, here again!!! This time, I would have fully visited major tourist destinations of the country. It’s priced at RM1900 per pax. Quite expensive, but that price is considered economical compared to tour price to Europe or even to China now. Can you guess what is this place shown in the image below? Yes, that must be the magnificent Angkor Wat! The contrast from the historical structure (in dark here) to the mother nature (sky at the background) is so beautifully captured here in this image which is too bad not taken by me. I’m going to visit this once again by this coming August!


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