James Wan, a Hollywood director whom actually came from Malaysia

Let me give you a question before I start to write on this topic. How many Malaysian film celebrities you know that made it to international fame and appeal? Yes, I guess, only one or two, right? That’s Michelle Yeoh of course (reached beyond Hollywood), and probably Angelica Lee whom had won best actress before in Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards. But do you guys know who is James Wan? By the way, he is not an actor.


Yesterday, when I had watched the Fast and Furious 6, I did a bit of research regarding the film and its future sequel. This sixth instalment of the franchise is directed by Justin Lin, whom had previously directed also three films of the same franchise. However, he had announced to step aside from the directing work in the upcoming seventh instalment. And the job is passed on to James Wan on which the principal filming would begin by this August. Then, it is written on the article that James Wan is actually a Malaysian-born Australian film producer, screenwriter and film director! He was born in Kuching, Sarawak and was raised in Perth, Australia.

Ohh, Malaysia has actually a directing talent making his name in Hollywood already and yet we didn’t notice that for so long. Now, have you watch any or all of the films in popular ‘Saw’ franchise which focuses on death games or something gruesome like that? If you are a horror fans of such genre, you must be loving this kind of films. Yes, ‘Saw’ franchise is started out by James Wan in collaboration with Leigh Whannell. Surprised right? The man who actually thought of such a brilliant horror theme and paved the way for much more subsequent films in the franchise is actually from Malaysia! Now, the successful franchise had seven films. And I watched all of it. What a great horror franchise! He is the director and writer of ‘Saw’, producer of ‘Saw 2′, Saw 3’ (also writer), ‘Saw 4’, ‘Saw 5’, ‘Saw 6’, and the latest one, ‘Saw 3D’.


Besides than that, other of his notable works are ‘Dead Silence’, ‘Death Sentence’ and ‘Insidious’. ‘Insidious’ which is a psychological horror film came to be a huge success in box office reception as well as in reviews and ratings worldwide when it is released two years ago. It is James’ most profitable film up to date. He had also directed the film ‘The Conjuring’ and ‘Insidious Chapter 2’ which both are scheduled to be released later this year. Hmm…he seems to be involved only on horror genre. But nope, now he is signed on to direct ‘Fast and Furious 7’ as mentioned earlier.

It’s an action-packed film involving street racing and tackling some sort of heist or other type of crime. No horror element, but the studio is confident by the ability of James Wan and had selected him for the directing job. So, it’s time for James to explore new element, and let’s hope he would do well on it. Malaysia Boleh, right? Haha… And he is now only 36 years old. Long way ahead for him to make further success in Hollywood screen. Perhaps, in near future, his work could win him a best director and best picture awards in Academy Awards. Let’s hope so. Too bad, he is an Australian citizen now, but still had its root in Malaysia. He is one of the local-born talent not many Malaysians know. Now you know it. I only found it out yesterday. Haha…

(All images and information in this post are from various credible sources throughout the world wide web)


6 Responses to “James Wan, a Hollywood director whom actually came from Malaysia”

  1. laxman zan Says:

    I like his work….

  2. No Datukship for him???

    • vincentloy Says:

      Good idea…he is deserving of the title, but now Datuk title is also meaningless and very easy to get.

  3. Yes,he was born in Kuching, Sarawak, but he was raised in Australia.. technically he learnt all those directing skills there. he even got an Australian citizenship.. I hope he do remember how’s his hometown looks like, even though it looks like he’s not going back. But hey, it’s great that you wrote about him 🙂

    • vincentloy Says:

      yup. he is Malaysian born but now is an Australian citizen. too bad, Malaysia lost a good and successful person like him. he is getting really famous now for all his great works in films, hence I find it worthy to have a blog post about him.

  4. He’s Malaysian born. But He’s Australian now!

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