Great! A holiday break on Friday! Happy Wesak Day!

First of all, Happy Wesak Day to all who are commemorating this Buddhist festival! Wesak Day marks the birth, death and enlightenment of Buddha. Eventhough me and my family are all Buddhists, but we didn’t have anything to do in association to this festival. Perhaps, we are not that traditional, but we still stick to good life principles from Buddhism teaching. So, we didn’t really celebrate this Wesak Day, or else we would have been gone to the Chinese temple and having vegetarian meals for the whole day.


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What I’m happy for from this festival this year is that it falls on a Friday. Cool! That means we all are going to have a public holiday on Friday, which eventually extends our weekend break a day longer. That’s going to be fun! More time for rest, more time for internet, and more time for outings with friends or family. It has been such a long time from the previous public holiday in these few months. This break would also gives me time to catch up with some many newly-released interesting films like Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fast and Furious 6 and Epic if given the opportunity.

But my break is no better than that for my dad. He is now on a short vacation trip of three days to Koh Samui, Thailand with his friends. He is taking this opportunity of longer break to go out for a holiday since he had been always busy with his work everyday in a week except only Sunday. While on the other hand, my eldest sister brought her family to Langkawi Island recently and had earlier planned another oversea trip to Taiwan soon. Wow, her two sons are no more than small children, and yet had already fly on a plane for the first time to Langkawi. Then, my second sister recently had booked a trip to Bangkok, Thailand in July.

Huh…everyone is planning for holiday. What about me? Jealous! Nothing is going to work out when you are poor. Not really that poor, but I’m trying to save some money for future use in much more important needs. By the way, on the upcoming Hari Raya break on August, I would be also following my dad for a five days trip to Cambodia. I had been there before two years ago, but I would like to go there once again. Angkor Wat is extremely wonderful! But in my previous trip to the place, parts of it are under repair, and so my photos are not that perfect. Soon, I’m going to take again. I would still have my oversea trip soon. Not that bad. That’s it for now. Happy Wesak Day once again to all who are celebrating it! Message learnt from Wesak; enjoy your life to the fullest and stay positively!


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