No more ‘Beauty at War’, but back to ‘War and Beauty’

I had mentioned before in one of my previous posts that I had stopped watching ‘Beauty at War’, a highly anticipated TVB drama sequel to the much successful ‘War and Beauty’ released back in 2004. I tried my best to watch till its 10th episode, but after that, I gave up. It’s still currently airing. I have to stop. It’s too boring, and the pace of the story development is too slow, plain and complicated. There is nothing exciting or interesting at all from this palace drama. This is just a very unexpectedly bad series. Very disappointed. Earlier, I was looking forward so much to this.

There are just too many complaints I can say regarding this drama which is now heavily criticized also by most of its audiences. Many also quit watching. It is also now one of the most poorly rated TVB series in recent years. What a bad outcome to this drama starring heavyweight line up of artists; Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Christine Ng, Moses Chan, etc. I guess it’s not the fault of the casts. The blame should be on the whole story itself. Since there are no other good dramas from TVB to watch recently, I decided to watch back its predecessor; ‘War and Beauty’ which focuses on scheming between concubines in the palace that is not found at all in its current sequel that claimed to take place in parallel universe with the first story.


‘War and Beauty’. This is the kind of story that engages audiences. The drama is accompanied with great and interesting plot and at the same time not confusing or too complicated. It also features many young TVB beauties at the time; Charmaine Sheh (now have left TVB), Gigi Lai (retired early due to several reasons), Maggie Cheung (not that active in recent years). And Sheren Tang was awesome in this drama. There is a high sense of pride and ego I can see from her performance which is outstanding and very much relevant to her character as a high-ranked concubine in the drama. It’s a very great character.

And yes, within five days, I have completed all the 30 episodes of the series. How do I do that? Okay, I skipped parts that are quite boring especially the ones involving the males in the series (Moses Chan and Bowie Lam). I just concentrate on the parts with the females, when brilliant and some dirty tricks would be used by their characters to try to get to the top. And I have to praise also Rebecca Chan’s performance as the empress in the series, whom is the most evil out of all in the series. I pitied her for forever getting only supporting roles, but she always did very well on her part. Hahh…I just love the way they fight each other by using wonderful tactics to prevail. This is what captures the interest of the audiences. This is what makes ‘War and Beauty’ a critically-acclaimed series and one of the highest rated TVB dramas in history.

It’s just getting very exciting and interesting all along. There is intensity. There is climax. There is certain ‘beauty’ in it. Every characters shine, and everyone of the main leads in the drama had been crowned before the best actor or actress in TVB anniversary awards. A beautiful drama. Its current sequel, ‘Beauty at War’ goes otherwise. Chow Yuk Ming, the producer of the drama had ruined this highly potential production. Hmm…now I have to wait for upcoming series with good potential like ‘The Hippocratic Crush II’ and ‘Triumph in the Skies II’. Recently, TVB love to make sequel. I guess there is not much of original stories for them to explore anymore. If that is the case, they have to put in much effort to bring the best in sequels, unlike what we can observe now from ‘Beauty at War’ which is almost a total failure. If I am to give a rating out of 10 points, I would give ‘War and Beauty’ a total of 7.7, and its recent sequel, ‘Beauty at War’ for only 4.1.


One Response to “No more ‘Beauty at War’, but back to ‘War and Beauty’”

  1. Thanks for clarifying this. I didn’t know which one to watch and found Beauty at War first so I started watching it. After having watched the Scarlet Heart, I was so bored by this. So I am now going to start War and Beauty. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was bored.

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