Today marked the 1st anniversary of my present job, which is also my first job in architecture!

Ahhaa…Time flies. I couldn’t believe that I have now worked for a year as an assistant architect in a small architecture company. Exactly a year ago on this day, I had my first time going to work as a professional (yes, architect is a highly professional career). I still remembered that I was quite nervous that time. Also quite excited at the same time. A mixed feeling. This is my first job in the field that I have studied for four years in higher education level. So, there is nothing unusual when I felt quite nervous on my first day of work today, exactly a year ago.

I woke up two hours earlier, and got myself prepared to go to work. I ate my breakfast, wear nicely, look into the sky, thinking that the day would be a very important day marking the start to my career after I completed my degree course. Worried by the usual traffic congestion in the early morning, I went out of home very early just in case. But in the end, I reached office over half an hour earlier. Too early. Then, on the first day of my work, I was introduced to my colleagues and I get to do some simple tasks first. Ohh, that day, my employer was not around. Hmm…all that was in a year ago. So fast…a year has gone.

Now, I can cope well with the working environment there and knowing most of the office matters already eventhough not all yet. I am now friends with all my colleagues, and my current relationship with boss still remains at a satisfying level. I am now used to my current life as an employee (happy with working life at this moment) and my life after work is so much more relaxing than as a student when we have a lot of homeworks to do after attending classes. But then I do also find boredom at work. Spending over 8 hours sitting in the office is a very dull thing to deal with in everyday’s life except weekends. Anyway, at work, I have learnt quite a lot of things over the past one year. There are so much things to learn in architecture, and it’s so different with what we were exposed to in our study. It’s seriously a lot of things that I have no knowledge of them. Well, I’m slowly learning now, and let’s hope that very soon, I can cover all the matters that I should know as an architect.

So, from now on, I can call myself to have been equipped with one year of working experience. Of course, that one year is definitely not enough for me to venture out further. Like I said earlier, there is still so much things for me to learn in this field. And I have made a decision now that after working for a period of time, I would go to study for Master of Architecture. With professional working experience in my hand, it would be an extra benefit to me going for Master study in near future. That’s my plan for now. Congratulation to myself for having to have worked for a year already! Well done to myself! My performance is not bad at this moment.


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