David Beckham, no doubt the world’s most famous footballer to retire.

I have this question that comes to my head since when I was a kid; how can a man who plays football and nothing else can get to such level of popularity that I believe none in this world have not heard of his name before?! The person I mentioned is none other than David Beckham. He had played football for many clubs or teams before, but it was at the time in late 1990s till early 2000s when he was under Manchester United that shot his fame unbelievable remarkable.



(Image source: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/05/16/article-2325558-13D4A83E000005DC-395_634x473.jpg)

When I was a kid, I remembered seeing posters of David Beckham everywhere. He is somehow the first footballer that gets to become a superstar, a celebrity that none other could match his status. In 1999, he married Victoria, a very famous model and fashion designer, whom is also one of the members in Spice Girls, the popular all-female pop group in England. The couple had four children; three sons and a daughter. David Beckham was born in 2nd May 1975. Ohh…his birthday was just not long ago.There’s a bit of his background.

Well, he is the reason for woman to start watching football. He gained attention not only because he did played well on the field. The other main reason is because he had a very good and charming physical look as commented by almost all the women in this world. He is not the best footballer in the history of the last twenty years, and yet, his fame outshines all others, including many who performed and had better records than him in this particular sport. Girls are crazy for him. I’m a boy, and I’m not that interested into football, hence he means nothing to me. However, since he is a huge icon, a huge celebrity, and is breaking the news of his retirement today, hence I took this opportunity to write something about him here.

I have met him. Yes, I have met him. Is it? Do you believe it? No..I meant that I have met his wax figure in my trip to Madame Tussauds’ London Wax Museum early this year. And I had even taken a picture with ‘him’. Haha…his wife, Victoria Beckham is there too. I remembered at that time of my visit to the museum, countless of people were queueing just to take a picture with him. Yes, he rise to popularity and success back in over a decade ago, and yet his fame never gets diminished. All spotlights are still on him when he made any appearances or announcements lately.

He is just too famous. An icon. Not a sport’s legend, but a superstar that comes from sport. And after around twenty years in the career whom he enjoyed, he announced to the world today that he is going to retire. His current age is 38, and I think it’s quite a suitable time for him to make such a decision. He is rich enough, thanks to the money gained from heavy advertising jobs he had over the past years. Hence, there is actually no need for him to get back to field anymore. He can enjoy his life further on. You may not be the best or the greatest footballer, but you somehow leaves a huge impact to the world beginning from this sport. You are no doubt a unmatchable global superstar. Happy retirement, David Beckham.

(All information in this post are from various credible sources throughout the world wide web)


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