I quit watching ‘Bullet Brain’ and ‘Beauty at War’

‘Bullet Brain’ and ‘Beauty at War’ are two TVB dramas that are currently airing. ‘Bullet Brain’ is a period fantasy drama that stars three-time TV king, Wayne Lai as the titular protagonist character Columbo, a detective inspector whose IQ shoots up to 283 after getting shot in the head by a bullet. It is produced by Lee Tim-Sing, whom is already well-known for his masterpiece like ‘Rosy Business’. Hence, after finished watching ‘A Great Way to Care 2’ which is quite a good series, I continued with this one, anticipating for something great from it.


A drama centers on an extremely brilliant detective should be interesting, but I was wrong. Honestly, I expected this to be something as exciting as ‘Rosy Business’. But it looks like the total opposite. From the first few episodes, it appears like there is nothing going on, and things went too weird. The script is weird. The acting is weird. The whole idea is weird. Even Wayne Lai’s presence here couldn’t save the drama at all. I also look forward to Pierre Ngo’s performance but the story just screws everything up.  Then, I do a bit of search to find out what this drama is going to be all about and why is it turned out to be such a failure. Hmm…I found the answer.

TVB producers are now trying to implement new approach to series-making. Which means, new direction to how a particular story is to be carried out, or how a story now focuses on other unexplored dimensions. ‘Bullet Brain’ is Lee Tim-Sing first attempt to this, with intention of giving a fresh outcome to audiences. However, that approach ended with very bad response and critics from viewers, including myself. The drama is too ‘plastic’. There is like no point of doing such a silly drama like this. I couldn’t describe further. I was just too disappointed from its first five episodes itself, and then I made up my mind, to quit watching it. Now, it just ended up not right in all ‘dimensions’.

Later on, there came another highly-anticipated series entitled ‘Beauty at War’, a sequel to the highly successful ‘War and Beauty’ back in 2004 which centers on scheming between concubines in palace. Both stories took place in the parallel universe and this latest production stars Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Christine Ng, etc. Quite a heavyweight line up of artists (but not as ‘mega’ as its predecessor). Okay…I’m looking forward to this one since ‘War and Beauty’ left a very good impression to me even after so many years. I was then disappointed again. Everything is so complicated. It’s so hard to understand every dialogues spoken in this period drama.


And then, the worst thing is that there is nothing exciting going on as the story progresses. No serious battle. No serious palace tricks on which I’m looking forward to. The main actresses appeared to have been sidelined with more emphasis given on those minor casts which are a lot in number. The story is all on boring gossips within the palace and the opera performance. Really frustrating watching it. No climax or intense scenes. So, I’m dropping this series off after ten episodes. What’s happening to TVB now? These two series were receiving very poor rating and negative feedbacks from a lot of people now already. And I’m one of them. Their new directions really obviously didn’t work well at all. All gone wrong. So now, no more TVB series for me to catch up.

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