Movie review: Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

‘Jack The Giant Slayer’ is a fantasy adventure film based on a fairy tale of similar title. The movie tells the story of reignition of the ancient war between humans and a race of giants when Jack, a young farmhand fighting for a kingdom and the love of a princess, opens a gateway between the two worlds. I didn’t have the opportunity to watch this film when it is released early this year. Once hearing positive feedbacks from my sister regarding the movie, I went for it and I’m glad that I didn’t miss out this film. It’s a very entertaining and wonderful film.


First of all, the film had a very efficient story-telling. I like the way how the story is carried out and developed. First it started with bedtime story informing on the legend of giants above the sky as well as introducing the two main characters, Jack and Princess Isabella when they were kids. Then, after 10 years, the princess ran out of castle and met Jack who accidentally had the magical beans, and accidentally dropped one below his house. Downpour occurs and the bean is grown to a huge tall tree that connects the Earth to the giants’ world. From there on, the story continues to build up interestingly. Spoiler stops here.

The development of the story engages the viewers consistently, including myself, and I find not a single part from this movie is boring. It’s entertaining and reasonably fun all along. Good job. I like this kind of fairy-tale story which is not too ‘child-targeted’ and can sometime get dark and intense too. And then, this one comes with adventure. My favourite. The performance by the casts are satisfying, but I find the supporting casts have performed better than the two main leads whom I find not impressive enough but still capable of handling the roles.


The visual effects are astonishing. This kind of story involving huge beanstalk tree, castle-like backdrop, a group of giants, and out-of-this-world setting needs good CGI effects and the film did quite well for it eventhough it’s still not at the state-0f-the-art level. Generally, it’s a very relaxing, interesting and entertaining film to watch for. There are also some exciting scenes especially in the final part involving encounter and battle of giants with the people in the kingdom once the giants successfully descended down to the land. The movie stays on a pleasing and light fairy-tale storytelling approach while goes on a bit adventurous to meet current appeal and on the other hand not going off direction like in ‘Snow White and Huntsman’ when the latter goes to a much darker yet unsuitable tone to convey the Snow White story.



It’s not a too childish nor a too mature fairy-tale film adaptation. Had an enjoyable night yesterday watching this which successfully helps to get rid of my stress from work on that particular day. A light and fun movie, generally suitable for kids and adults too. Definitely worth-watching and highly recommended. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Jack The Giant Slayer’ a total of 7.5.

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