I’m currently in post-election mood.

Today is the first day after the general election. Okay..Malaysia’s 13th General Election is officially over, with result in favour of Barisan Nasional as expected. Too bad, change cannot be observed at this point of time yet, but let’s hope for that to happen in the next GE. Okay? This 13th GE is the first election I covered in my blog here, and I believed I have written quite a number of posts regarding this widely-discussed topic. The previous 12th GE was in March 2008, half a year before I started this blog, so there is no information of that election covered here. This 13th GE is my first as mentioned earlier.


So, I’m quite nervous and exciting over the arrival and building up of atmosphere leading to this 13th GE which is seen as a very tough fight between BN and PR. That is proven in the outcome. Another political tsunami to BN after the event in 2008 eventhough it still retains the majority in parliament. Najib feels not very happy about it as earlier he expressed confidence to win big but relieved that its coalition still win in the end eventhough only a simple majority. Check out my previous post regarding my analysis of the 13th GE’s result. Now, even after the election, I find my mind still overwhelmed by election-related thoughts. Right now, particularly, those reported frauds during the election process caught my attention and I’m getting angry that my country is still not practising clean and fair election. Big disappointment. Election Commission, what’s wrong with you!

Today, I have to admit that I felt very moody and down. Firstly is because today is Monday blues, and secondly due to the lost of Pakatan Rakyat in this election of which I am hoping for to win. However, I’m still grateful that Pakatan gains more and more seats and that the election yesterday provoked no intense fights or riots. Even if there is, I believed those are in small scales and are not serious like the May 13th, 1969 riot incident that has put a black mark on the history book of Malaysia. Unity and peace comes first.

Hah..today’s talk in office is all about the election’s result. As expected. Everyone must be talking about it for at least a week. Then, all political stuff would have to settle down and life goes on as usual. No more political excitement. Political banners and flags which had been obstructing my views on roads nowadays would be brought down in stages soon. New Chief Minister for respective states is sworn in beginning today, and new cabinet committees will be formed. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak continued his position as the Prime Minister alongside with Tan Sri Muhyiddin as Deputy whom his presence is hardly felt. It’s all on Najib. Sometimes, I do pity him for taking such a huge burden all by himself.

In my area, Teratai zone, a woman from DAP (I forgot her name) won the seat here. It is her first time contesting here and it’s quite surprising that she won in a big majority over a young Chinese guy from BN by over 13 000-vote margin. Jenice Lee on the other hand whom is the former Teratai seatholder contested as independent this time and lost. Conclusion, many votes based on party, not based on individual. For parliament level of Pandan, a young Malay guy from PKR won. Then, overall, my state, Selangor is also won by opposition. Good. My area is fully governed by opposition. I’m happy for it.  I can only see improvements in my area once the opposition takes over from BN in 2008. Something to keep myself a bit joyful apart from always thinking of the the dark truth behind BN’s manipulation to the outcome of the 13th GE.

Ehh…I couldn’t vote at this 13th GE and yet, I’m so excited and interested about it. No more…no more! Okay…I guess beginning from now on, no more political-driven posts from me anymore since the general election is over. The next one would be on five years later. By that time, I can vote already, then…let’s hope an extra vote in 14th GE from me could help PR to further strengthen its position in government stage for better Malaysia.

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