Ruling coalition, BN continue its win in GE13, but the opposition, PR continues rising.

I promised to update my blog over the latest result of the 13th General Election of Malaysia yesterday’s night but I failed to do so because I felt too sleepy when the final official outcome has not even been announced yet by 2 am. Usually, overall result would be known by around 12 am, but for this time, it takes much longer. Possible reasons will be discussed later. Let’s move on to the highlight of the general election that took place smoothly on Sunday, 5th May across the country in over 8 000 polling centres. GE13 saw the highest turnout of voters in history of Malaysia, with over 80% of the approximate 13 million eligible voters fullfill their responsibility as a Malaysian citizen to cast their vote respectively.


Out of 222 parliamentary seats, Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition won a total of 133 which gave them a simple majority to form the new federal government for the next five years. It is a reduction of 7 seats to BN compared to the previous general election in 2008. Similarly, BN couldn’t achieve the two-thirds majority in the parliament due to much stronger presence of the opposition. The opposition pact, Pakatan Rakyat won a total of 89 seats, an increase of 7. Out of the 89 seats, DAP is the biggest winner in the opposition pact by winning 38, PKR winning 30 and PAS winning 21. In percentage, BN took 60% of the parliament seats in federal level while PR took 40%.

For state level, BN won a total of 275 state seats while PR won a total of 230 state seats. In percentage, BN took 54.4% while PR took 45.6% on which the gap is quite narrow and worrying to BN. Let’s move on to the hot seats; Lim Kit Siang of DAP won Abdul Ghani, the caretaker Johor’s chief minister in over 14 0000-vote margin. Nurul Izzah of PKR won Raja Nong Chik in over 1000-vote margin. Kong Cho Ha (BN – MCA), caretaker Transport Minister lost to Mohd. Imran of PKR. Liow Tiong Lai (BN – MCA) won over DAP’s Wong Tuck by 300+ votes only on which this case, many believed fraud has occurred as early counting revealed Wong Tuck leading by at least few thousand votes. Feel some dirty tricks there? It is indeed.


Brief conclusion in 10 points:

– BN continued to win places they used too, but also losses out part of its stronghold particularly in Sabah, Pahang and Johor.

– BN took Perak and Terengganu states in a very slim majority with only one to three seats difference. Ahh…luck is not on PR.

– Similarly to 2008’s 12th GE, the opposition won mostly in states at the western side of Peninsular Malaysia, which experienced more development and account for much of country’s development.

-Opposition pact had gained two-thirds majority easily in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan that enablem them to govern the three states. DAP won most number of parliament seats contested in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (country’s capital) with very significant increased or big majority.

– DAP emerged the biggest winner among the opposition pact, winning a lot of state seats as well. PKR’s performance is steady while PAS’s performance dropped which allows BN to wrestle back Kedah.

– A lot of independent candidates contested this time, but overall failed to attain any seats from both BN or PR.

– By counting on popular votes, PR is actually leading with 5.6 million votes while BN only garnered 5.2 million votes. This indicates that BN won many seats covering areas with only small populations.

– Najib blamed the setback in BN’s win in two words; Chinese tsunami. This remark has been publicly criticized as being racist-based. Najib who continued to be the Prime Minister has called on for national reconciliation. No matter how much hard work he put in, how famous his One Malaysia slogan is, his coalition’s performance still decreases.

– MCA under BN suffers greatest defeat in the history of the party by only winning seven (two of them are believed to be win from frauds) seats out of 37 parliament seats contested. It lost a lot in state seats too. Above 80% Malaysian Chinese are now rooting for DAP instead.

– Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim couldn’t accept the result of the election due to various reports of frauds accompanied with evidences as well.

So, what are the frauds?

I guess this would be the most interesting part. In the early counting stage, it is reported that PR wins quite a lot. But from news reporting through media last night which is controlled by the government, mostly only Sarawak’s result is released as BN is very confident on winning a lot of seats there while buying them some time do some manipulation to votes counting at other states that worried them. You realized it too that during yesterday’s live news telecast, mostly only results in favour of BN is announced? That’s a trick there.

Then, out of sudden, many polling centres experienced blackout during the votes counting. Once the lights are back on, few new ballot boxes (not counted yet) appears. It’s what we called as Najib’s magic. And those boxes are the main twist to the result which early favours PR but finally landed the win to BN in many areas. Obvious cheating there! Then, in the morning during the voting period, some people spotted several foreigners trying to vote. They are stopped by the locals but they give excuse that their appearance might look like a Bangladesh but they are actually Malaysians. Then, the locals asked them to sing national anthem, but they couldn’t even say a word out. But too bad, they had IC (given by government) and police allowed them to enter to vote. Back to the night of vote counting, many people posted photographs of a taxi carrying several ballot boxes (contain over thousands of ballot papers out of nowhere) in the late night carried for counting. This is obviously suspicious.

Then, the indelible ink can be washed off within the day itself. What’s the point of spending few millions to buy that ink (which only cost the most few hundred thousands…the other sum of money goes to..ehhmm) There are quite a number of suspicious events or frauds during the overall election process. But what we can do? Nothing. Many have voiced out yesterday’s night that democracy is dead in Malaysia. Yes, indeed. I felt ashamed over such embarrassing and unfair way of how the election was held. Very disappointed and all that gets me extremely angry. BN, you may win the majority of the votes, but you lose the hearts of many Malaysians.


Eventhough the opposition couldn’t take over the federal government from BN which had been controlling the country for over 55 years since independence, but everyone felt the power of the opposition is rising, particularly to young voters. I believe many elders had also waken up learning and realizing the true face of BN. But too bad, quite a portion are still within their own dream without thinking for the future of Malaysia. Next time, in 14th GE, PR will rise and I give my promise as early as from now on to vote five years later. I believed more and more Malaysians begin to think and choose wisely now on which political direction they head to, as observed from the country’s general election from the past to the present. And I would like to thank every Malaysians who have voted yesterday for the 13th GE eventhough the result is quite disappointing but I expected that kind of outcome due to certain ‘things’ did behind! Hmm..Rosmah must be very happy now as she can continue to buy more bags and jewelleries worth millions!

Honestly, a full stop to all that shit! Change can’t be done this time. But I’m looking forward for the ‘change’ effort again in 14th GE expected to be held in year 2018. Not going to give up. Go..go..go…all Malaysians!

(Images and information in this post are from various reliable sources throughout the world wide web)


2 Responses to “Ruling coalition, BN continue its win in GE13, but the opposition, PR continues rising.”

  1. after GE13, rest assured PKR, PAS n DAP broke up allianz. PAS joined BN, PKR disintegrated fr inner conflicts n DAP imploded as LMS died 2 yrs fr now with great defection.
    BN will divide n conquer GE14 with flying least 2/3 majority. pls dun even try to think of a new garment as wad we hv
    now will be the BEST!! Good lucks…
    Freemason insight

    • vincentloy Says:

      Sorry to say that your prediction will go wrong. The opposition now stays further united and keeps rising.

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