Movie review: Iron Man 3 (2013)

‘Iron Man 3’ must be one of the most anticipating films of the year and I’m certainly not going to miss it. It is the sequel to Iron Man 1 and 2, and it’s the first major superhero film by Marvel since the crossover in The Avengers film released last year that accumulated over 1.5 billion dollar. It was released here in Malaysia for quite some time already and yet we still don’t have great seats in theaters just now even when we bought the tickets five hours before the showing time. So, you see, how much attention this superhero film receives, especially after all the buzz from The Avengers. I’m quite sure that this movie is going to gross over 1 billion dollar too. iron-man-3-official-hd The story follows on an unspecified time after the events in The Avengers when Tony Stark as the Iron Man is now facing anxiety problem due to previous incidents and at the same time had to deal with a formidable terrorist known as The Mandarin. Wait…spoilers ahead. The villain of the story is indeed not The Mandarin. We are all mislead by its previous trailers. Well, then, this turned out to be a surprise for audiences now! Good. The Mandarin is actually a name given by Aldrich Killian to a hired actor posing as a terrorist to keep Aldrich’s identity as the villain a secret to the world. Great idea there… ‘The biggest villain stays out of scenes’. Oh, it turns out that Aldrich is the bad guy, whom is the founder of Extremis virus, a virus that could cure disability, had regenerative healing qualities and offer superhuman strength and heat. Well, that is actually hinted in the early part of the film when he was ignored by Tony many years ago. It’s really good on how the bad guy is shown in this film with his virus-injected soldiers doing the bad things. It gives the intensifying feel to the film when they appears…which means, there’s going to be a serious battle between Iron Man with them. There has never been any more serious challenge or threat to Iron Man than this (except the one in The Avengers). ca10926r However, I find the movie to be too lengthy; it took over 2 hours. It would be much better to cut down some talking which some I find quite unnecessary and dragging the film along the way. Have it reduced for like 15 to 30 minutes, then it would be much better. Some parts are obviously boring and I don’t find any ‘epicness’ from this film that garnered such impressive rating from most movie critics now except in the last part when Tony and his best friend, Rhodey had to save the President and Tony’s girlfriend, Pepper who are both caught by Adrian. The actions there involving many Iron Man suits that Tony controls to battle all out with the enemies are impressive! Adrian seems very hard to be defeated, but in the end, he does get defeated not by Iron Man literally, but by his girlfriend! Ohh… marvel-iron-man-3-trailer-screenshot-16 Other than that, the other parts are quite plain with nothing much exciting or interesting after all. Yup, there are several laughing moments to cool it down and not make things further flat. That’s good but I find some hilarious parts are being too ‘forced’ in. Hmm…On the other hands, the visual effect is wonderful as expected from a big-budget production like this. Beautiful background score too. Solid acting. Things are generally satisfying from this movie, but it just couldn’t reach anything ‘extreme’ from my point of view. It’s a bit too long and boring in some parts as highlighted earlier. But it’s a good sequel that has its link to The Avengers. There is a post-credit scene not to be missed. Remember to stay in the hall till the very end (be patient to wait) for the short scene.  Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Iron Man 3’ a total of 7.1. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe my expectation is too high. Tony Stark will return.  (Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)  


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