Tomorrow is the day! ‘Ini Kalilah!’


general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201

‘Ini Kalilah!’. This is the time. I’m here calling all Malaysians who have registered as voters to go out and vote for the right choice tomorrow at the country’s 13th General Election. Your vote is very important to determine the future of Malaysia in the next five years eventhough it’s just a single ballot paper and a single cross from everyone of us. I believed many have gone back to hometown yesterday’s evening or latest by today to fullfill their responsibility as Malaysian citizens to vote in this democratic country. Some from nearby countries had even flown back to the country. Their effort is very much appreciated.

Today would be the last day of campaigning for all candidates contesting for tomorrow’s general election. It’s the last opportunity for them to convince voters on what everyone of them can deliver to their respective areas if they win. All the candidates had been working hard in these few weeks attending political events and giving speeches everywhere. Let’s hope that their quantity of effort remains that high after winning the election if they did so. But usually, it’s not. But I believed in the mind of every Malaysians now that they have had their wise choice already. Think wisely for the sake of the country’s growth and for our future generations.

According to various surveys done, it is predicted that it would be a neck-t0-neck fight between the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional and opposition pact, Pakatan Rakyat. Either one of them would win the majority of parliament seats to form the federal government, but it’s not going to be a two-thirds majority as expected, similarly to the case in 2008’s political tsunami when the opposition won five out of thirteen states. I also think that there would be a higher number of winning independent candidates this time around. So, at this moment, it’s hard to predict who will win…it’s 50:50. What’s your prediction?

And yet, our Prime Minister is expressing full confidence in these few days that his coalition will win. And he stressed on that he will win big too. How can he be so sure when the election has not even been held yet? There must be some ‘tactics’ going behind again which now sparked anger among the citizens. Those are like flying in of a huge number of foreign workers recently to vote for them as they are given free IC from the government, faulty treatment to the ballot paper so the ballot that contains vote for opposition would be deemed invalid, and many more that I have mentioned previously. And the funny thing is that our Prime Minister was lashing out to the opposition yesterday that it is instead the opposition that do the dirty tricks. Ohh…stop all that! We are demanding for a clean, fair and free election for a true government that we can put our trust in for the next five years.

Ini kalilah! Ubah!  (This is the time! Change!)

general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201


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