May 2013, a crucial month to Malaysia

May 2013 has finally arrived. And this is going to be a crucial month that would determines the fate of Malaysia for the next five years as the country is approaching closer to Vision 2020. Four days later, my country would have its 13th general election and it would be a intense battle between the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional and the opposition pact, Pakatan Rakyat. After all the hard works of campaigning which would comes to an end by this Saturday, I believe most of Malaysians have had their firm and wise pick in their minds by now.

Some would prefer our Prime Minister’s various transformation programmes head by his very popular slogan of  ‘Satu Malaysia’. While on the other hand, some would prefer to change the government and gives the opportunity to the opposition to take the lead with objective of providing better benefits to the people and to clean the country from corruption and dirty tactics that it has been facing with for the past five decades under the ruling of Barisan Nasional. I’m on the latter side. It’s very usual nowadays that the opposition parties win majority of votes as observed in other various countries in their recent respective election. I don’t see why we can’t see that ‘change’ in our government too.

Everything would be answered by this Sunday’s night when the outcome of the election would be announced. This Sunday is going to be a very important and exciting day in recent history of Malaysia. Today is 1st May, which is Labour’s Day. So, public holiday for all! Great! March and April had been a two boring months of going to work in every weekdays without a single holiday observed. That is sad. But right now, let us take a break for a day today in the middle of the week while welcoming the arrival of this new month. Enjoy this holiday with your loved ones! It’s nice to have Wednesday as a rest day, but I prefer the Labour’s Day to fall on Monday or Friday which would eventually extends our weekend break.

And I think there must be a lot of campaigning on this day too since everyone if off from work and the election is really just around the corner by now. see…everything out of my mind would be on election already. That is usual. 6 out of 10 posts I see from my friends in Facebook nowadays are related to the GE13. Nothing else that overwhelms every Malaysians’ mind now. Hence, for the blog header of May 2013, I’m putting up a politically-motivated visual indicating the very much anticipated 13th General Election of Malaysia. There’s the Malaysian flag in the middle cornered by two yellow-coloured borders (yellow is main colour for ‘Bersih’, and our aim which demanded for free, fair and clean election). Within the flag area, we saw GE (general election) wording with Barisan Nasional flag in it and 13 (13th) wording with Pakatan Rakyat’s three parties’ flags in it. This header is very much self-explanatory and actually looks very striking. It’s all about GE 13. Another copy of the header can be viewed below. (click on it for larger and clearer version)

May 2013 blog header

May 2013 blog header

I think other countries also now follow closely to my country’s election as its hype is spreading overseas too, thanks to the social medias and many Malaysian students studying abroad. Eventhough I couldn’t vote at this coming general election, but my heart is still all out for Pakatan Rakyat. They are not 100% perfect, but I am quite sure that they are 100% better than Barisan Nasional. We should give them a chance at least. Change…is essential to Malaysia, my beloved country and I hope that would be witnessed by this coming 5th May! Vote for better Malaysia! Happy Labour’s Day by the way!


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