Election fever continues…

Told you earlier in my previous post that this new post is going to be about the upcoming Malaysia’s 13th general election as well. But I couldn’t believe that this post comes so fast. It’s only an hour difference between the publishing of this and the previous post. So, I see this one as a continuation from my previous topic…eeh, it’s basically the same topic; GE13. Nothing else that overwhelms my thought recently.


general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201

On this last week before the election, we would see final and much harder campaigning with candidates or even party members who are not contesting going up to stage for political talks everywhere in housing areas. There are a lot in my area. There is at least one in every single day now onwards. But I wouldn’t go for any of them. It’s hot outside, and nowadays it rains too. I better stay at home. But from what I heard and see from Facebook nowadays, a lot of people posted images of turnouts to BN’s talks and PR’s talks. I was very happy to look at all that which show very well that more people are receiving bigger support this time. Some BN’s events had a lot of people attending too, but the reason is because there are free stuff to be given out to the people present. Who wouldn’t want to go then? Haha…

Well, I expect political speech to focus more on what they could deliver to benefit the society and the country. But in reality, it turns out that campaigning nowadays only concentrated on insulting the opponents with bad remarks and disrespectful claims. Be polite and respect the others too and don’t go over the limit. It’s crossing the boundary. By the way, Barisan Nasional (BN) is the king now in crossing the boundary. I thought I can finally see things not related to the election in websites I am used to browse through every night. But then, I am surprised. There are advertisements all over in many webpages promoting BN. And those ads are even in interactive mode. I wonder how much the party spent on advertising through world wide internet. It must be very costly for doing that, and what they are using; the people’s money. Ohh..God! I’m seeing Datuk Seri Najib’s face in Youtube now…it’s too much!

Then, I am individually ‘attacked’ too. I received phone message persuading me to vote for BN almost everyday. And sometimes, there are two or more messages of this kind sent to my phone in a single day alone. Are you that desperate to win votes? You have certainly gone too far, and I can assure you that such effort would easily backfires! And that’s what I’m hoping for actually. It’s really annoying receiving those messages (some even sent very early in the morning that wakes me up) and disturbing. I have previously replied back to them requesting them not to send anymore. No positive feedback. It keeps on coming and coming. I’m sick of it already. Enough is enough!

Besides than the already popular ‘Satu Malaysia’ slogan long time ago, now there came another slogan by BN; Sayangi Selangor, Yakini BN (Love Selangor, Trust BN). I heard this everyday from radio stations, saw it from my phone messages everyday and else where too, and so, similar effect applies to me; sickening! And it didn’t comes only in slogan. There’s a whole song for it. Oh…my God. We have had ‘Satu Malaysia’ song, then ‘I Am For You’ song, and now ‘Sayangi Selangor’. The melodies of these songs are quite beautiful, but they are for me used in wrong purpose or direction. Too much. Absolutely too much. Totally disgusting. ‘Ubah’ slogan by DAP one of opposition pact PR) is so much more simple yet symbolic. And Datuk Seri Najib said it’s only a gimmick for attention. Then, your ‘Satu Malaysia’, ‘Sayangi Selangor, Yakini BN’ are not?! Funny…

And he said that BN is very much confident and expected it to win two-third majority on this upcoming general election. Why are you so sure? I don’t think so, looking from current political atmosphere. They might even lose the majority this time, paving way for opposition pact to rise to power for the first time in history of Malaysia. Unless… they are playing some ‘tricks’ behind, then they can be assured to win. Ahh..aaa…Stop to all that shit! No. No. No. Be clean, free and fair on this 13th General Election which is now just around the corner!

general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201 general-election-malaysia-20131-300x201





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