Attended a campaign-in-dinner just now…

For those who have read or follow my blog particular in these two months, you should have known already which side I’m supporting for this upcoming general election of Malaysia. Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition had been given over 55 years of mandate to govern the country and it’s very much obvious that they didn’t deliver or perform well over that lengthy period, accompanied with corruption, dirty plots and many other negative issues. And now they see ‘Ubah!’ (means ‘change’ in Malay), a popular slogan by opposition pact, Pakatan Rakyat as only a gimmick for attention, while not realizing many Malaysians are now taking it seriously. And… I’m looking forward to that ‘change’!

Hmmm…but then, I went to a dinner organized by MCA (the Chinese party under the ruling coalition BN) just now. Is it that I have changed my mind…so quickly? The answer is not. My stand remains the same. Me and my family went to the dinner for only one reason; it’s free of charge. Yes, it’s free. The party organized a 60-table dinner treat to people in an air-conditioned restaurant (BN is rich) so that they can take the opportunity to gather a lot people to influence their minds by showing clips of all the good things MCA had done to the party, and all the bad things the opposition did. Ahh…it’s suffering for me listening and watching all that. It’s like being put up obviously to brainwash us. And it’s all played out so damn loud and annoying. We were given BN flags and some papers too.

Well, I think it’s very easy to brainwash the mind of every aunties and uncles present. So, I think their campaigning like this works quite successful too (only to them, but they are the majority at the place…I think there is less than 10 people in 20s there including me and my sister). Furthermore, the meal provided didn’t cost us anything. And, it’s a great meal; expensive food are served. It’s like we were attending a wedding dinner, but what’s different now is that we don’t need to give angpow, didn’t recognize anyone in the same table or even in other tables, and have to listen to all those ‘shit’. And the worst thing is that there is this segment that requires everyone of us to stand up and sing the song of ‘Satu Malaysia’ while carrying the BN flag. Yeehhh… Can I just ignore that part and continue eating? Too bad…nope…I still had to join them, if not, everyone would be watching you then.

After the very much expected campaigning talks by the MCA people that waste a lot of time, the dinner that took almost 4 hours (imagine that) ended with lucky draw. A lot of electrical items were given out with the biggest prize being an LCD television. We didn’t win anything. Eventhough we are supporting the opposition, but we didn’t feel anything wrong or guilty going to the dinner organized by BN. Why? Because the dinner is at the cost of the people’s money too. So, we deserve to have that too. Thanks for the free dinner of the night, but still, on 5th May, we will choose the side that is truly benefiting the country and its people for the next 5 years. In the end, still a big ‘NO’ to BN! Sorry…


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