It’s all about politics nowadays…particularly today!

Election fever everywhere!



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How my day today turned out to be very much related to politics;

1. As soon as I got out not far from my house to work, I saw huge increase of flags and banners of different political parties as well as addition of banners or posters of independent candidates (there would be three independent candidates contesting in my area this time…too much) everywhere. And some is blocking my sight on the roads which can be quite dangerous. Hang or place your stuff properly, please.

2. Still in my journey to work while stopping at a junction, I saw a huge balloon carrying the name of ‘Pakatan Rakyat’ up on the sky. What a great way of advertising! I have never seen something like this in previous general election. So much more creative than those typical mess-up flags and banners. Nice and pleasant looking! There is something up in the air…

3. Everyone in my office is talking about this upcoming general election. The attention is also on social networking sites with many clips, images or sources shared recently which most topics are politically motivated. Some are very interesting and gets me laughing, but it’s true. Social media is now a very important tool for influencing mindset of youngsters to determine the future of Malaysia.

4. After work, I went home and my dad came home early too. He went out for jogging and he is stopped by a man in a car. A stranger. A robber? Luckily, it’s not.  Ohh, it’s someone (I forgot his name…it’s not important anyway) who would be contesting in this general election in our zone from BN. And he is asking my dad for direction to a road near our home. And before he was off to go, he asked my dad to remember his name and vote for him. Hmmm…

5. While we were having dinner outside, we were interrupted by sound of amplifier highlighting on issues by the opposition pact (Pakatan Rakyat) installed on a car which was going round and round through the housing areas. We tried to hear from the place we ate but we couldn’t listen much. This is the first time I got to see campaigning like this too. But I understand why it didn’t turn out to be louder as not to strongly disturb or offence people in their homes.

6. While we were going back home after dinner, there is serious traffic congestion which is very unusual. What is happening? Oohh, there is a gathering or talk by DAP on a field, and it’s quite crowded. People were seen waving DAP flags too. While not far from there, there is also campaigning by the independent candidate, Jenice Lee and BN candidate, but they seems to have receive not much attention. This must be an indication of the result for the upcoming election of our area. Wonderful atmosphere outside. Campaigning everywhere.

7. Reached home. It’s night already. I thought everything would be settled. Then, when I go online, I saw a collection of advertising by Barisan Nasional as part of their campaigning effort recently posted by someone through social networking site and I am speechless. Their advertising is too much of insulting and sending false message, but it will not really works to people who can think wisely. Dumb and idiotic campaigning that will even make more people to hate you. Stop the nonsense. Oh..please, human don’t do this. Unless you are not. Sorry for being harsh, but it’s my honest words.

Out of all these points, you should have known what I’m choosing for in this upcoming general election. Too bad, I couldn’t vote this time eventhough I have reached over 21 years of age. Reason; I registered late. I should register earlier. Nevermind, I hope others would think and choose wisely too. Change for the betterment of Malaysia. Remember, our future generation is much more valuable than RM500 (the amount given by BN through many BR1M programmes that only works for short term benefit.) What we are looking for is long-term benefit to everyone and to the beloved country!

Make the right choice on 5th May 2013!


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