Happy Earth Day!

It’s all about the upcoming general election in Malaysia and its political campaigning nowadays…I’m a bit sick of it already eventhough the polling date is still quite far from now. Let us take a break away from those political fuss or craziness! Election fever, please gets off for a moment. It’s Earth Day today!



(Image source: http://www.umass.edu/livesustainably/sites/default/files/u7/Earthday2013_logo_small.jpg. Image is edited by having the background now in black colour)

Do you know how I realize that today is the annually-celebrated Earth Day? Thanks to the beautiful interactive Google Doodle today that reminds me of this day! Go and check it out before it goes off. Without it, I myself also wouldn’t know that today is the Earth Day. I have to say that Earth Day is not much celebrated or heavily emphasized in every parts of the world as compared to the Earth Hour. Earth Hour only takes off in an hour, but this global event received much higher attention and popularity than Earth Day.

But anyway, both carries similar objective, which is to create awareness among people to love and care for the Earth in various possible efforts through individual, societal, government or NGO contributions. Stop polluting or damaging the environment! The beautiful mother nature in our lovely planet is fragile and needs our attention. A little action in our everyday’s life could prevent the Earth from further deterioration or even worse, destruction. Recycling, reusing, car-pooling, switching off unnecessary water or electricity usage, using public transport, cycling, and many more could help save the environment. It’s also for the sake of our future generation.

Don’t be selfish. Let’s do things that benefit not only us but also the planet. It’s a win-win situation. In Malaysia now, I don’t think people is looking on this matter of Earth Day celebration. Many will just forget about it. None of my family members knows that today is the Earth Day. Hmm..quite disappointing. Every Malaysians now is overwhelmed by political thoughts and emotions. It’s BN, DAP, PKR, and PAS everywhere now in my country, battling it all out through their various campaigns in hope to win big in the upcoming general election on 5th May 2013. Ahhh…even now I’m going off topic automatically…Oppss…sorry…

Happy Earth Day! Let’s commit ourselves to protect and love our planet Earth in every way possible not only on this day but is from this day onwards!



(Image source: http://wetlandscenter.fhsu.edu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Earth-Day-2013.jpg)


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