Movie review: Oblivion (2013)

After leaving the cinema watching this movie ‘Oblivion’, I am still in the midst of figuring it out to sum up everything I have watched just now so that I can clearly understand the whole story of the movie. It is a movie that made you think. Why? Because it has such a complicated and deep plot. It’s actually good for that, but I’m actually hoping for a more relaxing movie for my Saturday’s night. ‘Oblivion’ is a science-fiction film that tells the story of a veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources who begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself and slowly learning his past through some of his re-discovered memories which is supposed to have been erased. ‘Oblivion’ is defined as ‘the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening’ which actually best describes this movie.

oblivion-movie-directed by Joseph Kosinski

The veteran mentioned earlier is none other than Commander Jack Harper, the main character in the movie portrayed by Tom Cruise. Oh, Tom Cruise. He’s back after wonderful performance in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. Tom still looks good and fit very well to this movie despite his current age. In this story, the character slowly uncovers the truth behind all the manipulation to his mind did by Sally, the alien-form mission control in the outer space. Like I said, the story really develops quite slowly, and so I find certain parts to be too lengthy, or draggy and unnecessary. The movie now took 2 hours, and I think it would be much better if around twenty minutes are cut off. The way the story flows is not that good and sometimes quite confusing too.


There is no doubt this interesting and complicated storyline that took the whole movie along. A lot of time is needed (some wasted) for the story to be delivered. Due to that, there is lack of action. So, for me, this is not a thrilling experience to me. Well, there are some fighting sequences between Jack and a group of human survivors with the drones. But all that are just not intense or exciting enough. Just not enough. This is why most of the parts are plain scenes of dialogues and backdrops. Performance by the casts are solid, and I find that Morgan Freeman usually appears in a movie with limited screen time. But he do appears in quite a lot of movies. There is also quite ample of time given to develop the relationship between Jack with his work partner, Victoria and later his wife, Julia.


Wow, the visual effects is breathtaking from this movie. The state-of-the-art visuals really impressed me. The scenes of the state of the Earth in 2077 after all the civilization wiped out are cool. While on the other hand, the musical scores are amazing. It gives a bit of excitement of what the movie would offer us. There are some good twists also to the storyline especially at the end part so that we can feel a bit ‘drawn in’ at least. The ending is quite good too. But even after the ending, I still couldn’t figure out some details within the full story. Perhaps, I should check its detailed synopsis after this. There is simply just too much story in a story that I couldn’t digest it sometime.

In the end, this movie is not for those who do not want to crack their head to figure it out. It’s not a literal piece of entertainment but it does delivers as quite a wonderful science-fiction film eventhough it’s not the best yet. Story is interesting, but came with poor development approach, perfect to have Tom Cruise in it, but the film lacks of action expected from Tom, brilliant visual effects and musical scores, but the movie is too long for me. So, it’s half good and half bad. Out of 10 points, I have to rate ‘Oblivion’ a total of only 7.0, a bit lower than the ratings it currently achieved throughout various movie critics’ sites.

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  1. good post but i was really disappointed with this movie my review on it but good post

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