Nomination day for the upcoming 13th General Election

It’s nomination day today for candidates to file their papers to contest in the upcoming May 5 general election, set to be one of the most fiercely contested in the country’s history. Candidates from Barisan Nasional (current ruling coalition that consists of UMNO, MCA and MIC), Pakatan Rakyat (opposition pact of PKR, DAP and PAS) as well as independent candidates were all in exciting mood today as they went out with backing of many respective supporters to submit their names to be able to contest in Malaysia’s 13th general election. Hence, today is somehow quite an important day to Malaysia this year that sets the pace to 5th May.

Up for grabs are 222 parliamentary seats and 505 state seats, and the nominations closed today at 10am. As reported, there are some shocking news regarding today’s nomination. First is the sacking of several DAP members for contesting as independent as they are not listed to contest under the party this time. One of them is Jenice Lee whom managed my area (Teratai) for the past five years after winning majority of votes in previous general election back in 2008. It is believed that she is involved in a corruption case and also in another one about misuse of her power. I didn’t know much about it. Nevertheless, she still received support from a number of people here in my area and she decided to contest as independent. No longer under DAP, but she mentioned that her heart is still with DAP eventhough the party doesn’t accept her at this moment.

Not only did DAP sacked some of its members today, UMNO also did the same to some of its members that took matter into their own hands by nominating themselves as independent candidates.  Hence, on this general election, we will see a huge increase of independent candidates. It’s now not only a straight fight between BN and opposition. Independent force is quite strong this time and should not be taken lightly. Hence, in the upcoming election, many places would see more options in their ballot paper to put a cross in. From what I heard, in my Teratai area alone, in state section, there would be five candidates, one from BN, one from DAP (a new person), and three from Independent (one of them is Jenice Lee). Anyway, think and choose wisely. Let’s go for change ya!

There is this one big political uproar yesterday when Registrar of Societies (RoS) banned DAP to use its iconic rocket symbol or logo in the upcoming election due to previous internal issues within the opposition party. This decision which is made last-minute had caused widespread anger to supporters, taking it as a final trick by certain group to threaten the status of DAP which could actually influence the outcome of the election. Luckily, PAS and PKR had agreed for DAP to use their party symbol in the election, which is a strong sign of unity and cooperation within the opposition pact known as People’s Alliance. But above all, it is confirmed that DAP can still use their rocket logo in the election after the ban is lifted by RoS yesterday’s night as announced. What a relief. By the way, now it is obvious that we stand strong and united against all odds to bring you down, and change for a better Malaysia!


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