Got my new car yesterday! Yay…

My first car was the new Proton Saga in black colour. I used to have that car for several years already taking me to campus every day to attend classes. Without a car, it would be quite impossible for me to go to Cyberjaya which is so far away from my home. So, it’s very useful for me even after when I have graduated when I need to use it to go to work. Last year, in November, that car was stolen by an unknown idiotic guy. Sorry for the harsh word. It was just another day of having my car parked below my sister’s apartment block as usual. Then out of nowhere, it is lost. It’s totally unlucky for me and my car to have been ‘chosen’ out of so many others out there as target of their crime.

From then, I had never seen my beloved car anymore. It’s lost for more than five months already. Those procedures came along; do police report, meet the sergeant, and then the insurance agent came to take further details. And all that ended with me finally able to claim the compensation from the insurance last month after obtaining the result letter from the police force regarding the finding outcome of the car which is negative. Once the claim is settled, it’s time for a new car to come so that my transportation would be much convenient. Hmm…which brand I have bought?

It’s the same brand; Proton Saga again. Why Saga again? Economically and affordable to me. But this time it’s the latest edition of the brand, which now names it as Proton Saga FLX. Honestly, I don’t know what FLX means. But I can see several small differences between the old one and this new edition one, and it looks a bit better now. The price is almost the same with the previous one. I still go for dark colour for the car, but for not making it too similar to my previous car, this time I picked dark blue. No more full black. Anyway, the dark blue looks cool to the car too. I have also bought the car plate number based on my favourite choice, and it differs from the number I had for my previous car which doesn’t give me very much luck. Hope this one does. Haha…I’m buying lottery for this new car plate number for a week or two to try my luck.

The car arrived yesterday on Friday’s night, and I had only start to drive it today. Hmm…not feeling usual on driving on a brand new car eventhough I have previously driven Proton Saga before. But anyway, I’m going to get used to it soon. Let’s hope this one doesn’t share the same fate with my previous first car.


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