HK Drama Review: A Great Way To Care 2 (2013)

‘A Great Way to Care’ is a medical crime drama first released in Malaysia in 2009. Then, it finally gets to be aired in Hong Kong two years ago and achieved considerably successful ratings and reviews. In conjunction to that, TVB decided to produce a sequel, bringing back some of the previous casts while adding new heavyweight artists into this production. Hence, this is one of the dramas this year that TVB is emphasizing. I didn’t watch the first one, but I went for this sequel instead. This sequel that has 25 episodes starred Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Edwin Siu, Aimee Chan, Oscar Leung, Ram Chiang, Ben Wong, etc. Yes, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong and some others left the sequel.

Previously, I have never watch any drama that is based on medical crime; crime that involves psychological or mental issues in murderers or victims. Hence, this series is something new and fresh for me. This is not an ordinary police drama. It’s not a medical drama too. But a combination of both that works quite well. There, this drama started off with interesting cases, and we see how the group of psychologists helped the police force to uncover the truth and do justice to victims. However, I find that there isn’t much collaboration between the two groups. There are a lot of interactions within own particular group but not with the other one. I think it would be better if it goes otherwise. It’s like the series put a gap between the two main groups while both are actually in the same series.


TVB put a bit of extra effort to include more realistic, violent and daring scenes into this film which is quite essential too. I won’t further explain the details but if you have watched it, you should most probably realize it too. That’s a good thing actually. A bit of improvement. As for the performance by the casts, everyone did well in the series except for Christine Kuo. She is beautiful but her way of telling out words is too odd and ‘forced’. Bad acting. Alex Fong…hmm, I don’t like his acting, but actually he is good too. As for Oscar Leung and Power Chan, they are not much emphasized in this drama which is like a loss while I find there is too much scenes of Edwin Siu. Yes, TVB is heavily promoting him, but from this drama, there isn’t actually much breakthrough we can see from him no matter how many times he appear in the drama.


As for the story development, it’s satisfactory. There isn’t any seriously boring parts. But there isn’t also any truly climax-reaching points or memorable scenes. And so after a few episodes, I would have forgotten what happened in the previous parts. And the love storyline development between the characters are not using up most of the time, and so I’m happy with it eventhough those came too fast. There is one surprising twist from this story. Tavia’s character is a highly committed police officer. Then, she underwent a total transformation to be a serial killer at the last part of the series after she had mental problems due to bad events surrounding her. Actually, I expect more crazy stuff from her, but then, as usual, there’s a limit in TVB. And so not much excitement or intensity from her eventhough she is the main focus at the end of the series. Hence, the ending turned out to be quite plain but still it’s a good and happy ending. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘A Great Way to Care 2’ a total of 7.0.

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