32nd Hong Kong Film Awards 2013’s full result

The presentation ceremony for the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards which took place at Grand Theatre in Hong Kong Cultural Centre came to an end few hours ago. It’s one of the most prestigious events in the large Chinese film industry. The hosts for the awards ceremony are Eric Tsang (whom had just celebrated his 60th birthday in a grand manner), Ronald Cheng, Gordon Lam and Jerry Lamb. 4 males. What a collaboration. 


Generally, ‘Cold War’ is the biggest winner representing Hong Kong films in 2012 by winning a total of 9 awards out of 12 nominations received. So, the film is the most nominated and most win. On the other hand, ‘The Bullet Vanishes’ received 12 nominations too (the most also) but failed to win even a single award. That’s really disappointing and sad to the team behind this film. By the way, I didn’t watch ‘Cold War’, and so I didn’t know how great this film delivers. 21 awards presented, and ‘Cold War’ almost snatched half of total awards given on that night. Must be one of the films with biggest win in the history of the awards presentation too. Incredible. I think now I’m going to watch this film to see how great it is.

Cold War Movie 2012 寒战 2

But my biggest disappointment of the night is on best actress category. I am totally supporting and rooting for Sammi Cheng to win from her work in ‘Romancing in Thin Air’. She did brilliantly well in the film and her performance had improved quite significantly. In the awards history, she had received most number of nominations in best actress category (6 times) but failed to win any. She truly deserves the award, and now, it slipped out of her hands again. She must be feeling devastated again. It seems like she had no fate with the awards. Now, there came her junior, Miriam Yeung that clinched the best actress this time. What on earth is happening? Let’s hope that Sammi would continue on acting in better films, and perhaps gets nominated on next year for her upcoming performance in ‘Blind Detective’ which also stars Andy Lau. However, I think that film emphasizes more on Andy, the blind detective. I will support her. It’s her time already! How come the judges can’t think and decide wisely? And she even lost out also the best original film song category. Going home empty handed again. Sad, man!

Here below is the full list of the nomination list with the one in bold turned out to be the winner for each particular categories announced not long ago.

1. Best Film of Mainland and Taiwan
Back to 1942  <一九四二>
Gf*Bf <女朋友。男朋友>
Love is Not Blind  <失戀33天>
Painted Skin: The Resurrection <畫皮II>
Love <愛Love>

2. Best New Director
Chow Hin Yeung (Nightfall)
Brian Tse (McDull: The Pork of Music)
Fung Chih Chiang (The Bounty)

3. Best Visual Effects
Han Young Woo, Victor Wong, Patrick Chui, and Seong Ho Jang (CZ12)
Chas Chau, Kim Ho, Ng Yuen Fai, and A Law (Tai Chi 0)
Victor Wong (The Guillotines)
Law Wai Ho and Hellowing Cheung (Motorway)
Cecil Cheng (Cold War)

4. Best Sound Design
Kinson Tsang (The Guillotines)
Benny Chu and Steve Miller (Motorway)
Phyllis Cheng (The Bullet Vanishes)
Kinson Tsang (The Viral Factor)
Kinson Tsang (Cold War)

5. Best Original Song
定風波 (from The Last Tycoon)
刀鋒偏冷 (from The Guillotines)
DoReMi (from Romancing in Thin Air)
戀無可戀 (from Lan Kwai Fong 2)
追風箏的風箏 (from Diva)

6. Best Original Film Score
Chan Kwong Wing and Yu Peng (The Last Tycoon)
Teddy Robin and Tommy Wai (The Bullet Vanishes)
Peter Kam (Cold War)
Eman Lam and Veronica Lee (Diva)
Chan Kwong Wing (The Silent War)

7. Best Action Choreography
Jackie Chan and He Jun (Chinese Zodiac)
Sammo Hung (Tai Chi 0)
Chin Ka Lok and Wong Wai Fai, Ng Hoi Tong (Motorway)
Dante Lam, Chin Ka Lok, Wong Wai Fai, Ng Hoi Tong (The Viral Factor)
Chin Ka Lok and Wong Wai Fai (Cold War)

8. Best Costume Design and Make-Up
Yee Chung Man and Jessie Dai (The Great Magician)
Yip Kam Tim (Tai Chi 0)
Dora Ng (The Guillotines)
Stanley Cheung (The Bullet Vanishes)
Man Lim Chung (The Silent War)

9. Best Art Direction
Yee Chung Man and Eric Lam (The Last Tycoon)
Yip Kam Tim (Tai Chi 0)
Lau Sai Wan (The Guillotines)
Silver Cheung and Lee Kin Wai (The Bullet Vanishes)
Man Lim Chung (The Silent War)

10. Best Editing
Yau Chi Wai (CZ12)
David Richardson and Allen Leung (Motorway)
Chung Wai Chiu (The Viral Factor)
Kwong Chi Leung and Ron Chan (The Bullet Vanishes)
Kwong Chi Leung and Wong Hoi (Cold War)

11. Best Cinematography
Andrew Lau and Jason Kwan (The Last Tycoon)
Chan Chi Ying (The Bullet Vanishes)
Kenny Tse (The Viral Factor)
Jason Kwan and Kenny Tse (Cold War)
Anthony Pun (The Silent War)

12. Best New Performer
Zhang Lanxin (CZ12)
Joyce Feng (The Last Tycoon)
Jayden Yuan (Tai Chi 0)
Alex Tsui (Cold War)
Sammy Shum (Lan Kwai Fong 2)

13. Best Supporting Actress
Susan Shaw (Vulgaria)
Dada Chen (Vulgaria)
Jiang Yiyan (The Bullet Vanishes)
Elaine Jin (The Viral Factor)
Mavis Fan (The Silent War)

14. Best Supporting Actor
Ronald Cheng (Vulgaria)
Liu Kai Chi (The Bullet Vanishes)
Gordon Lam (Cold War)
Chapman To (Diva)
Alex Man (The Bounty)

15. Best Actress
Zhou Xun (The Great Magician)
Miriam Yeung (Love in the Buff)
Sammi Cheng (Romancing in Thin Air)
Elanne Kong (Love Lifting)
Zhou Xun (The Silent War)

16. Best Actor
Nick Cheung (Nightfall)
Chapman To (Vulgaria)
Sean Lau (The Bullet Vanishes)
Tony Leung Ka Fai (Cold War)
Tony Leung Chiu Wai (The Silent War)

17. Best Screenplay
Pang Ho Cheung, Luk Yee Sum, and Lam Chiu Wing (Vulgaria)
Pang Ho Cheung, Luk Yee Sum (Love in the Buff)
Law Chi Leung, Yeung Sin Ling (The Bullet Vanishes)
Longman Leung, Sunny Luk (Cold War)
Alan Mak and Felix Chong (The Silent War)

18. Best Director
Cheang Pou Soi (Motorway)
Pang Ho Cheung (Love in the Buff)
Law Chi Leung (The Bullet Vanishes)
Dante Lam (The Viral Factor)
Longman Leung and Sunny Luk (Cold War)

19. Best Picture
Vulgaria <低俗喜劇>
Motorway <車手>
The Bullet Vanishes <消失的子彈>
The Viral Factor <逆戰>
Cold War <寒戰>

20. Professional Achievement Awards – 呂麗樺高天宙

21. Lifetime Achievement Award – Ng See-yuen

(Images and information in this post are from various reliable sources throughout the world wide web)


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