Finally announced: 13th General Election to be on 5th May 2013!

Finally, the date is announced. The Malaysia’s 13th General Election will be held on 5th May 2013. That’s confirmed! No more rumours, no more guessing, no more questioning and no more speculations. For Malaysians aged 21 and above whom had also registered themselves to vote before 31st December 2012, you are eligible to vote on this coming 5th May to determine which party you prefer to be the government running the country for the next five years. Be prepared to cast your vote which is important to the future of your beloved country.


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The announcement on the polling date was announced early today in the afternoon from Election Commission after their meeting to finalized every decisions made. The announcement is also made in live broadcast through national TV channels, similarly to the event last week when the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced the dissolution of the Parliament on 3rd April 2013. EC had also informed that the nomination of candidates would be on 20th April, which then gives a much sufficient period of time for the candidates to introduce themselves and campaign before the polling. The campaigning period is much longer than in previous GE.

Early guess by most of the people on the date of polling are mostly wrong. Many speculated earlier that April 27 is the hot favourite date for election, following the pattern in 2008 for the 12th General Election. Then, some said a bit later; most probably 11th May since the Prime Minister likes the number ’11’ a lot. We were wrong. The polling is now confirmed to be held between the two earlier predicted dates. May 5th, which is between April 27th and May 11th. And the day of polling falls on Sunday, on the weekend, which gives no excuse to Malaysians to cast their vote on a rest day. Take the responsibility as a Malaysian to decide wisely on who is capable to lead the country for better future ahead to the nation and its people (us).

Too bad, I couldn’t vote this time eventhough I have reached 21 years of age last December. I couldn’t do so because I registered on early January and the Election Commission had informed that the intake of new registrations of voters will only takes up to 31st December 2012. I’m just late for few days to register, and now I have to wait another four to five years for the 14th General Election. Haiz…nevermind, I believe most of the people now made up their mind for a change to the benefit of the country. So, 5th of May. The EC said all 222 parliamentary and 505 state seats will be decided on the same day. Let’s make that day to be one of the most significant days in the history of Malaysia by voting for change! (by the way, peace comes first). Enough is enough. But is the election going to be 100% clean and fair? Hmm….

Previously it’s 308, now it’s 505!


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