Upcoming event: 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards 2013

It’s no ordinary night for Hong Kong this Saturday as one of Asia’s biggest film awards presentation will take place on this coming weekend. It’s none other than the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards, which is equivalent to Academy Awards in US or BAFTA Awards in UK. The presentation ceremony which would usually took around 4 hours will honour the best of the best in various categories in Hong Kong film industry for the previous year.



(Image source:http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d5/32nd_Hong_Kong_Film_Awards_Poster.jpg)

The nomination list had been announced about two months ago and people started to point out their predictions on who will win and who will go home empty handed this coming Saturday’s night. I had published a post covering the full nomination list as well as a bit of my predictions. The link is here for that if you wish to check it out too; https://vincentloy.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/32nd-hong-kong-film-awards-2013-nomination-list/. Well, if you have read my predictions, what do you think? Mostly agree or disagree to my opinions? Feel free to share your thoughts here.

In conjunction with the upcoming awards presentation, the happy-yet-nervous nominees were given a professional photoshoot somewhere one to two weeks ago. The outcome is amazing, and it definitely showcase the best appearance of each participating artists gathered together for a lovely group photo with different poses and clothings. Besides than a group image, each nominees also had their own solo photoshoot. Outstanding. The boys look handsome and cool, but let’s move the attention to the girls. Miriam Yeung and Sammi Cheng, whom both are great singers too are nominated in best actress category this year, and the two of them look extremely wonderful in the photoshoot despite their age.



(Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GLwr2ymhcJ8/UVS4x3fVh9I/AAAAAAADCtQ/z39fnnRZC8U/s1600/hkfa1.jpg)

But for me, I’m rooting for Sammi Cheng to take the coveted best actress this year. First, Sammi had been in the industry far longer than Miriam, and so she is equipped with higher acting experience (and her singing is no doubt much better too, people refers her as Cantopop queen even until these days…sorry to Miriam’s fans but it’s true). Secondly, Sammi had received five previous nominations in best actress category (this one is her sixth) but failed to win any. This year might gives a brighter chance to her. Thirdly, Sammi did exceptionally and amazingly well on her performance in her nominated work ‘Romancing in Thin Air’ on which she co-starred with Louis Koo. It’s a romantic film set in place of very high altitude (freezing weather and difficult breathing) full of emotional moments that push Sammi’s acting to another breakthrough level. She put a lot of effort in it and she should be honoured. I believed she totally deserved ‘best actress’ on this 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards. What do you think?

For other categories, I’m not paying very much attention to them. Anyway, ‘Cold War’ and ‘When Bullet Vanishes’ topped the nominations this year with twelve nominations each. It is expected that both would be the biggest winners of the night, and I didn’t watch those two films. So, not much comments for that. Ehh..wait, Sammi is also nominated in ‘Best Original Film Song’ for her song ‘Do Re Mi’ in the same film, on which the song had previously won the Golden Horse Awards in the similar category. Hope she is going to win this one too. Then, double win to her, which would be great to her and to everyone who supports her for all the years, including myself! Looking forward to the awards presentation on this Saturday, which would be aired live here in Malaysia too from 7.30pm onwards in Astro Wah Lai Toi. I think the red carpet show would be shown too.



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