Flags are everywhere…

That’s not Malaysian flag I’m referring here. Independence Day celebration is on August. Now is only April.  The flags I’m mentioning now are flags of respective political parties here in Malaysia. Since the Parliament is dissolved last week, everyone is now very much anticipating to vote for the 13th general election. A lot of predictions came out on when the election would be held. Some said last Saturday on this month; April 27. Why? Because in previous general election back in 2008, the election was held approximately three weeks after the Parliament is dissolved. So, April 27 is the best guess.

Some also said it would be a bit later. May 11 is the second most favourite day to hold the election. Why? Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak likes the number ’11’. His car plate number is ’11’ and there are many other things of him associated with the number too. Anyway, the election has to be still carried out within 60 days after the Parliament is dissolved. And the Election Commission would hold a meeting this Wednesday to confirm on the polling date. So, let’s wait till Wednesday for the date of 13th general election to be announced. Yesterday, our Prime Minister hold a large gathering to present his coalition’s manifesto as the last action to attract more votes in Putra Indoor Stadium. And it’s aired throughout national TV channels. I thought in our federation laws, we are not allowed to show political-based programmes in TV. And they are doing it now. It’s totally breaking the law and it seems that no one found it out. They ruled. And they are the ‘laws’. What we can do???!

Flags are everywhere. Barisan Nasional (BN) which is the current ruling coalition is in blue, while the opposition parties, DAP is in mostly white, PAS in green, and PKR in blue and red. So, you see flags of many colours along streets, roads mostly leading to schools where polling would take place and particularly roundabouts. It certainly adds up to the election atmosphere but I find that the quantity of flags and banners placed this time is much lesser compared to those in previous years when election was held. I remembered the general election in 2003 when I was still a small kid. Flags were everywhere, and not a corner is left out for all that. Those things basically surrounds you whenever you get out of your house. Yes, it’s that crazy.

Now, for this 13th GE, not much are seen. Well, people save money on other purpose already rather than producing more flags and banners which is actually pointless to influence the mind of voters. But, it’s always a nice feeling for me to see many flags around (it gives the heat), which is also a sign of competition between different political parties. Like which parties can show off with most number of flags…something like that. Well, now, my area is dominated with all sort of flags, but for banners, currently the opposition rules. Anyway, my area is under DAP (opposition) and I predict in this upcoming election, DAP would still win in my area. They are doing quite well here.


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