Movie review: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

The White House is under threat! It’s under attack! Don’t panic. I’m only talking about the movie ‘Olympus Has Fallen’. That basically summarize what the film is all about. An action film centered on a former presidential guard whom is the last hope of the United States in the White House to save the President from a group of North Korean terrorist attacks. Hmm…since this movie is touching on sensitive issues involving conflicts between countries that also do reflect the current situation as I believed, this film would not be released in North Korea most probably.


Back to the film. I have to say it’s a great action flick! There are a lot of action-packed scenes involving large-scale shootings and explosions that would take your breath away. And things do get quite bloody from that several parts, which is the reason why this movie is only for 18 years old and above (it has a lot of vulgar words spoken too). And that makes the attacks to look much more deadly and violent, giving the audiences a feeling that we are not looking at typical shooting scenes but into a much serious ‘shit’. In terms of intensity, this movie didn’t fail to contribute to our excitement from the one-man show of the main character, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) when he is alone in the White House in mission to save the President (Aaron Eckhart) and also bring the President’s son out to safety.


It’s tense. From the moment the White House began receiving attacks, I was fully concentrating to it. Things started out pretty fast. On one side, Mike is on his own with great risk to his life while on mission to bring down the terrorists. He is alone lurking in darkness inside the ‘fallen’ White House. On another side, the other group of US administration were on their desk making difficult decision to comply with the terrorist’s demands. And on one more side, the President and his fellow other staff taken hostage were tied up and forced to reveal code to achieve what the terrorists wanted. Every parts are intense and climax-reaching. This film would not get us bored. It’s thrilling. The performance by the casts are solid and great too. Morgan Freeman is also in this movie.


The visual effects are generally satisfying eventhough the last part showing the partially damaged White House looks not convincing. And I was bored by the similar score playing again and again throughout the movie. But that score is quite suitable to this particular story. Yes..yes…this kind of story would have quite a predictable or expected development and ending. Mike must be successful on his task, the terrorists would be dead, and the President would be safe in the end. Very much predicted. But with a good direction and tense touch to it, the movie stands out. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ a total of 7.4. By the way, ‘Olympus’ here is not referring to the camera brand, but is the nickname of the White House according to Secret Service.

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