Earth Hour 2013 around the world…KL is not doing that well.

Earth Hour 2013 was officially over with quite a remarkable success around the world, with more participating countries, cities, towns and people. It is now proven to be the world’s largest mass voluntary action, started by Sydney in Australia back in 2007. Have you turned off your lights on that particular night of the Earth Hour? Have you told or encourage others to do so? (it would be a good move). How do you go through that night with no or less lights? The feeling is kind off great right, and it gives us opportunity to enjoy the only source of light from the stars and the moon up on the sky. At least, we were part of this global event this year!

Here below are some of the very beautiful images of famous landmarks or places around the world taken before and during Earth Hour 2013. I guess you don’t need me to name each landmarks shown here. The images begin with the founding city of the event, Sydney of course.

Sydney Goes Dark For Earth Hour

Earth Hour - The Eiffel Tower, Paris-1781804

Singapore Goes Dark For Earth Hour

WWF/Earth Hour Global Event Observed in London

Combo photo of the financial Central District of Hong Kong before and during Earth Hour





Yes, the last picture, that’s the Petronas Twin Towers in my city, Kuala Lumpur. Hmm…the city is actually not doing that well for this event. Only iconic landmarks like twin towers, KL Tower and several popular buildings and shopping malls switched off their lights in the city. Many other buildings still have their lights on as I observed. The impact before and during Earth Hour at that night in the city is only somewhere around 10%. It’s mainly because the city is typically dark every night due to lack of decorative lightings on the buildings in the city (except the twin towers and KL Tower obviously), unlike others like New York, Shanghai or Hong Kong. So, actually, KL celebrates Earth Hour every day.

That night, I was there passing by the twin towers after the Earth Hour. Opps, I didn’t manage to see the towers switching off its lights for the event. When I passed by the area, the twin towers were back to brightly lit state. But I’m very annoyed by the Earth Hour concert held right in front of the towers on the plaza. It’s Earth Hour with objective of saving electricity, and yet, those people were organizing things that waste much more electricity. It’s noisy with a lot of speakers, a lot of spotlights or moving lights were installed for the show, and people (typical Malaysians) threw rubbish everywhere. What the…!!! There’s no more meaning of turning off lights of the twin towers when you guys are crazy wasting up electricity below in event under the name of Earth Hour. Total irony. KL! Be like other cities please…many are not supportive, while some whom are supportive are doing it the wrong way.

On the other hand, next year’s Earth Hour is confirmed to be on 29th March 2014.

(All images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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