Awesome buffet dinner during Earth Hour yesterday

Earth Hour 2013 was on yesterday’s night from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Yesterday, we went out for a buffet dinner at Lemon Garden Cafe in Shangri La KL, and we left home at about 6.30pm. So, to be exact, we have turned off most of the electricity at home since we went out. That’s how we support the Earth Hour this year, by switching off lights two hours earlier. But the thing I am to highlight now is not on the Earth Hour, but on the yummy buffet I had that night.

It’s my first time going to Lemon Garden Cafe, located at lobby level of the hotel Shangri La KL. As expected, there are a variety of food served. For my first round, I took a plate full of Chinese delicacies with the most expensive one being a slice of cod fish, and prawns. In my second round, I took a plate full of seafood. Yea…seafood. I don’t like seafood very much, but to eat up to the price to pay for the buffet, I have to take a lot of seafood too. That consists of clam, mussel, oyster, small lobster, crab, and prawns. At the same time, I add in several sushi into the same plate. Greedy!


(I didn’t take any pictures at my visit, and so I shared another person’s image showing part of the seafood section available in the restaurant for the buffet.

Image source:

My third plate consists of Western food; a slice of pizza (the pizza also had prawn on it), pasta, cheese baked salmon and vegetables, and potatoes. Then, came my fourth plate that includes a bowl of soup, few Chinese dim sum and a stick of satay. Oh my God! After that, I was extremely full! My stomach was like giving a sign that it couldn’t fit any more food it. Then, I took a rest a while and then out of a sudden most lights in the restaurants turned dim at that moment. Ohh, it’s 8.30pm. The start of the Earth Hour. Didn’t expect that Shangri La KL also participate in this global event.

At that particular time, some who knew about this particular Earth Hour thing made a ‘sound’ on it once the lights are off. While I believed some didn’t even notice it and just concentrate on their food. While the old ones felt quite surprised and thought that the electricity is down. It appears that in Malaysia, not many people know about this event, while on the other hand, some who know about it did not even have any move for it. Please, unity is needed to make this event a successful one in Malaysia.

After a short rest, I went for a fifth plate. That’s record breaking to me. It’s time for desserts and fruits. The desserts served there are mostly of cheese and I don’t really like it at that time when I was already so full. The mango ice cream is great by the way. Then, we paid the bill and we were quite surprised over the amount. RM470 for three person. The amount of government tax and service charge are too much. Overall, it means RM 156 per pax. That’s so much more expensive than the price at Jogoya Restaurant, Starhill Gallery where we had it last year. Then, I find the latter is much more reasonable with even more variety of food served. We returned home by 11pm. We turned off our lights at home for more than 4 hours, far more than the required duration of one hour to support the Earth Hour movement this year.


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